Washington County news briefs

County supports amendment concerning motor vehicle sales tax revenue
The Washington County Board of Commissioners adopted a resolution in support of an amendment to the Constitution of the State of Minnesota that would dedicate all motor vehicle sales tax revenue to transportation for highway and transit purposes. Minnesota voters will vote on this amendment in the general election on Nov. 7.
Currently, the Legislature dedicates about 54 percent of the motor vehicles sales to highways and transit. The rest goes to fund other general state costs. Legislation passed in 1981 would have phased-in the dedication of all revenue from the motor vehicle sales tax to highways and transit. Unfortunately, the law was not fully implemented and was ultimately repealed. Wayne Sandberg, deputy director of transportation and physical development said, “In the meantime, our transportation system has lost around $6.5 billion in funding from the motor vehicle sales tax that should have been dedicated to highways and transit.”
The proposed constitutional amendment will assure that all of the motor vehicle sales tax revenue will be used for highways and transit by June 30, 2011.

County appoints Kathy Sedro to advisory commission
Lake Elmo resident Kathy Sedro was named to the Washington County Planning Advisory Commission as the representative for District 2. The Planning Advisory Commission provides proper planning and development ofWashington County.

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