Home improvement fair scheduled in Oakdale

It may have come up during a water-cooler conversation at work or at the dinner table, but for anyone who hasn’t heard, Oakdale is taking its turn at having a home improvement fair this month.

On Saturday, April 8, Oakdale’s first Home/Commercial Improvement Fair will take place from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Skyview School.

As one way to announce the fair to families in Oakdale, flyers were sent home with elementary-school kids, said Assistant City Administrator Dan Hartman. Handing out the flyers is a sign that an event a few years in the planning has almost arrived.

The Oakdale Economic Development Commission is sponsoring the fair as part of its housing strategy to host an annual home improvement fair, Hartman said. “This has been the first time that we have been able to actually do it,” he said.

One of the main goals is to give people an opportunity to meet contractors and get ideas on how to fix up their homes, Hartman said.

Cardinal Remodeling, located in Oakdale, is one of the businesses scheduled to have a booth at the fair. Mike Campbell, one of Cardinal’s owners, said he would feature pictures of the company’s past projects for people to look at. “This past year it’s been a lot of kitchen remodels,” Campbell said.

“The housing stock in Oakdale is just starting to get to the age where people are thinking about remodeling kitchens or baths,” said Tom Wiener, also an owner of Cardinal Remodeling.

At housing fairs, Campbell said visitors commonly ask about the prices and how long particular projects will take. In the past Campbell said he has allowed potential customers to call previous clients to find out if projects were completed within the budget and on time.

Campbell said competition with other vendors at the fair would be a good thing. “People can get an idea who they are comfortable working with,” he said.

About 50 vendors, including banks and contractors, are scheduled for the fair, Hartman said. City officials will be available to answer questions about building permits or inspections and utilities, among other topics. Representatives from the Oakdale fire and police, administrative services and the community development departments will also be at the fair.

“I expect a good turnout and it should be very informative,” Hartman said.

Students from Tartan High School will sell concessions and there will also be a babysitting service available.

Some of the vendors, including Patio Town in Oakdale, will host seminars on how to do certain projects, Hartman said. “It’s a great opportunity for residents to find somebody to do that special project they’ve always wanted to do.”

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