County to mail property tax statements, valuation notices

The Washington County Department of Assessment, Taxpayer Services and Elections began mailing the property tax statements for taxes payable in 2006 on Monday, March 27. These tax statements are mailed together with the corresponding valuation notices for taxes payable in 2007.

The combined mailing goes to the owners of real estate and personal property. At this time, manufactured home owners will receive only their valuation notices, because their tax statements will be mailed to them in July 2006. The valuation notices list the estimated market value and the classification of the property. The notices also outline the steps available to property owners to appeal their property valuation and/or classification.

The tax statements give a breakdown of the tax for each major taxing authority that levies taxes in Washington County. Also, the statements include any special assessments billed by their local municipalities.

For most properties, the first payment is due on May 15 with the second payment due Oct. 15. Due to Oct. 15 occurring on a weekend, payments made or postmarked on Oct. 16 will be considered timely without late payment penalties.

Property owners can view their tax information online by visiting the Washington County Web site at and clicking on “View Property Tax and Appraisal Information - Pay Property Tax.” Washington County property owners can obtain a copy of their tax statement or valuation notice from the county Web site. Taxpayers can also make payments online by either E-Check or credit card. A convenience fee is charged by the payment processing service company for online payment transactions.

Any Washington County taxpayer who does not receive their tax statement by April 14 should contact the county Taxpayer Services Division at 430-6175.

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