County gives go-ahead to new hazardous waste facility planning

Washington County is moving ahead with plans to build a new household hazardous waste collection facility and environmental center.

On Feb. 28, the Washington County Board of Commissioners approved a contract with Oertel Architects to begin the planning process for the new facility, which would include developing a list of programming needs for the new facility and determining suitable options for a new building site.

The current hazardous waste collection facility has been located in leased space at the city of Oakdale’s Public Works building since 1994. The lease will expire on Dec. 1, 2008 and the city of Oakdale has indicated that they need the space for city operations and the lease will not be renewed.

The facility is used by over 16,000 people and takes in over 1 million pounds of waste each year.

In moving to approve the contract, Washington County Commissioner Myra Peterson noted that erroneous media reports regarding the status of the current facility generated several calls to her office. She emphasized that the Oakdale Hazardous Waste Facility remains open for public use.

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