Phalen Golf Course


Phalen and Como golf courses will likely see a private partner next season

Golfers get in an early fall game out at Phalen Golf Course. The City of St. Paul will look for a private partner for the Phalen and Como Golf Courses. (Linda Baumeister/Review)

If all goes according to plan, St. Paul Parks and Recreation will find a private partner for Phalen and Como golf courses in time for the 2014 golf season.
The St. Paul City Council voted on Wednesday, Nov. 6, to let the parks department go forward with a drafting of a request for proposals.
The measure passed by one vote -- three of seven council members, including East Sider Dan Bostrom, voted against moving forward with an RFP, while the other four voted in favor.


As ‘last resort,’ city may seek private partners for its golf courses

Golfers get in an early fall game out at Phalen Golf Course.

City officials say St. Paul’s four municipal golf courses have long been a black hole for city funds.
Though the courses were once self-sustaining, since 2008 the four courses have gone a total of $5 million into the red, said Brad Meyer, spokesperson for St. Paul Parks and Recreation.  The city needs to take action, he said.

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