L.M.N.O.P: Jamie, 38 - North St. Paul

Jamie, 38
North St. Paul

“My wife and I, we just  moved to St. Paul and bought our first home. We’ve been living in Minnesota but we were in Minneapolis and then we decided to move to St. Paul. 

I’m an Army brat, so I’m not really from anywhere. My wife is from New Jersey. I went to college and high school in Colorado and we met in Colorado, and we’re both chefs. So that’s how we met; we were cooking in a kitchen in Colorado. 

She went to Baltimore and a month later I packed all my stuff in Colorado and followed her out to Baltimore and we were in Baltimore for about a year. I took her last name — she’s a feminist so I was like, ‘Okay, I’ll support you.’ Who wants to be a Smith anyway? 

I had a cousin that lived over in Bloomington and the restaurant that we cooked in in Washington, D.C., it shut down for a week. They closed the restaurant down to give all the employees a week’s vacation. So we took our vacation and came out here. 

We stayed with my cousin and we went over to Lake Nokomis and Fat Lorenzo’s and we fell in love with it. And we were like, ‘Screw it. Let’s get out of Baltimore.’ So we moved out here and now we’re both executive sioux chefs. I’ve cooked for Michelle Obama, Bruce Springsteen, Tom Hanks [and] Ivanka Trump. 

We have three cats and we just adopted a dog. [The dog] was going to be euthanized in two days so we went in [the shelter] and we were like, ‘Nope.’ So we have two rescue cats from Baltimore, then we found a kitten under a dumpster out here and we brought him home. 

Our long-term goal isn’t to be here forever. Montana is the long-term, 15-year goal to open up a restaurant. But for now, we own a house. We are both successful chefs. We’ve been in the paper. So we don’t have much, really, to complain about.”

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