Gil Mros

After ten years of coming close with lesser prizes, Gil Mros won the first place award in the 2019 jelly category at the Minnesota State Fair with his own recipe for Applewood Pointe Rose Petal Jelly.

A resident of Applewood Pointe of Roseville at Langton Lake with his wife, Jan, since it opened in September of 2011, Mros has tinkered with creating the prize-winner since discovering a similar concoction on a trip to Warsaw in 2004.

The tinkering has included changing its name from a simple “Rose Petal Jelly” to “Fragrant Cloud Rose Petal Jelly” to this year’s Applewood Pointe Rose Petal Jelly. “That seemed fitting,” said Mros, “because we grow the fragrant cloud [rose] bushes on our deck at APLL. I collect the petals from about a dozen roses and freeze them until I have enough to make the jelly.”

The annual yield has been “four large [eight ounce] and six small [four ounce] jars, which go to family and a few friends,” he said, “so you won’t be seeing them in your local market anytime soon.”

In past years, after picking up the judge’s scorecard and discussing findings with a judge, “I’ve tried to improve the recipe and technique for the next year,” said Mros.

One year, with no success in the previous five, he decided “maybe the flavor needed more pizazz” and doubled the number of roses used. “Not only did it not win anything, the judge commented ‘Beautiful, but completely overpowered by aroma,’” he said.

Will he defend his title next year? 

“To be decided.”


—submitted by Monette Johnson

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