LETTER: Update from Troop 188

To the Editor:


My name is Robbie Sivill and I’m in Boy Scouts. I’m in North St. Paul Troop 188. I’m writing this letter for the Communications merit badge. This is an Eagle-required merit badge, so naturally I’m trying to get the Eagle rank.
Recently, my troop’s trailer was stolen and my troop is doing fundraisers to get money so we can buy a new trailer and replace all the equipment that was inside it. 

The cost of the trailer and the equipment inside ranges from $3,000 to $5,000.
Some of the fundraising we did was selling World’s Finest Candy Bars. We also helped out at restaurants like Culver’s and Pizza Ranch. Of course, we also sell popcorn during the fall.
We try to go on campouts at least once every month. The biggest campout we go on is Tomahawk, a scouting reserve in Birchwood, Wisconsin. It’s a week-long campout that we do in late July to early August. We use our troop trailer for Tomahawk, but now that our trailer was stolen, we have to come up with alternatives. Thank you for listening to my
struggles and problems.


Robbie Sivill

North St. Paul

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