NEWSBRIEF: Upcoming East Side sewer maintenance

They’re out of sight and out of mind, but underneath St. Paul there are more than 800 miles of sanitary sewers, according to the the city’s public works department, and much like roads, sewers need regular repairs and maintenance.

There are six sewer sites on the East Side planned for some maintenance work this year. They are:

• the intersection of Payne and Nebraska avenues

• Nevada Avenue between Payne Avenue and Greenbrier Street

• Clark Street between Rose and Geranium avenues

• Sixth Street between Mendota and Forest streets

• Minnehaha Avenue between Arcade and Mendota streets

• Third Street between Ruth and Hazel streets

According to St. Paul Public Works, about 10 miles of sewer lines are repaired each year. Specific sewers are inspected once a decade and given a rating to establish when they should be fixed up. 

Instead of digging to make repairs, a lining is installed in the sewer line, which can be done through existing manholes. The sewers are cleaned and then lined with a resin-saturated tube made of polyester. The lining is cured by a boiler that circulates hot water.  

Residents who live near the project sites should receive postcards or letters from the city about the work, as well as a notification from the contractor. 

Before the lining, sewer access for homes and business will be shut off. Property owners should pour a gallon of water into any floor drains to block potential odors. Water usage should be restricted as well, as it will cause the sewer to back up. 

If a glue-like odor is smelled in a home or business, property owners should contact the city.   

There will be no assessments for the work, as it’s funded by sewer usage fees.

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—Marjorie Otto

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