NEWSBRIEF: Protecting groundwater

As you get ready for spring yardwork, the City of Roseville asks you to do your part to protect the city’s groundwater. The chemicals you apply to the lawn can seep into groundwater and run off into the storm sewer system and wind up in neighboring lakes and ponds.

Environmental reminders:

• Roseville City Code prohibits applying fertilizers before April 15 or after Nov. 15.

• City code prohibits applying fertilizers within 50 feet of any wetland or water resource.

• City code prohibits applying fertilizer to hard surfaces, such as a driveway or sidewalk.

• City code prohibits using fertilizer that contains phosphorus, unless a recent soil test indicates that it is needed to support healthy turf growth.

 For the best results, use the minimum amount of fertilizer based on the manufacturer’s recommended rates and fertilize on a cool day before a rainfall or before irrigating, allowing the fertilizer to work into the soil. 

Only buy fertilizers with the chemicals your lawn needs, and only buy enough to use for one season. To find out what chemicals you may need for your lawn, test your soil. The University of Minnesota Extension tests soil for a nominal fee. Visit for instructions on how to collect and submit soil samples. They will return soil sample results along with fertilizer recommendations in about three weeks.

Expired or unwanted lawn chemicals can be taken to a free Ramsey County Household Hazardous Waste collection site. For more information, visit or call 651-633-3279.

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