South-West Review police reports published March 25, 2019

Inver Grove Heights

Mail theft

A report came in March 13 from the 7500 block of Alpine Court about possible mail theft. Several other mail theft reports came in March 14 from Auburn Court as well.


Rowdy bus

Officers were dispatched to a school bus March 13 for an assault — a juvenile female was arrested as a result.


Run away

On March 14, an officer found a suspicious vehicle near the 11600 block of Courthouse Boulevard. A 48-year-old man fled on foot because of an outstanding warrant he had.


Multiple whoops

A 48-year-old man was arrested March 15 in the 6500 block of Highway 52 for driving after a license cancelation and for a warrant — he was booked into Dakota County Jail.


Seems odd

Two people made a large purchase of tires March 13 from a business in the 9100 block of Broderick Boulevard. The buyers had apparently been using a fraudulent credit card around the Twin Cities to purchase tires.


Helping hand

On March 16, near the intersection of Interstate 35E and Highway 13, an officer was called to assist a Rosemount officer engaged in a foot pursuit while on a traffic safety call in Mendota Heights. The runaway man was taken into custody.


Officers located a vehicle wanted by the Dakota County Sheriff’s Office for fleeing a scene on March 16. The vehicle was stopped and the driver was taken into custody.


Bad dog

On March 18, an officer found that a department K9 had ripped weather stripping around the passenger side rear door of a squad car.


Lover’s quarrel

Squads were dispatched to the area of 80th Street and Concord Boulevard for a suspicious activity report, which turned out to be a verbal domestic between a boyfriend and girlfriend. 


Not allowed to have that

Officers conducted a traffic stop March 19 at the intersection of Cahill Avenue and 71st Street. A 20-year-old woman was cited for possession of marijuana and failing to stop for a stop sign.


On March 19, officers pulled a vehicle over near the 6300 block of Concord Boulevard. A 27-year-old woman was arrested for drug possession and an outstanding warrant.


Mendota Heights

Off roading

On March 8, officers responded to a report of a vehicle that had gone off the road into a snow bank near the intersection of Mendota Heights Road and Arbor Court. The vehicle was located, and the driver refused to identify himself. The driver was told he was under arrest and fled on foot. The driver was eventually taken into custody and found to have multiple outstanding warrants.



An officer took a report of fraudulent charges on a credit card March 8. The information was obtained as part of a scam where the suspect took control of the victim’s computer.


Warrant arrest

On March 9, an officer traveling near the intersection of Highway 62 and Dodd Road made a random license query that showed the registered owner’s license being revoked and having multiple warrants. The vehicle was stopped and the driver was arrested.


Innocent bystander

On March 12 a driver was traveling south on Sibley Memorial Highway when she came upon a mail truck and passed it on the left. As she was merging back into her own lane, she said something fell off her passenger seat and she bent over to get it, resulting in her driving into a mailbox at a residence. Police arrived and took pictures of the damage.



An officer initiated a traffic stop March 12 for speeding on Highway 62 near Delaware Avenue. Upon speaking with the driver, the officer could smell alcohol coming from inside the vehicle. The driver said she had one glass of wine earlier the evening, but blew over the legal limit. She was booked and released for fourth-degree DWI.


Found car

On March 12, an officer was dispatched to the area of Dodd Road and Second Avenue for a vehicle blocking the road. An officer found the vehicle abandoned in the roadway and discovered it was reported stolen out of West St. Paul.


South St. Paul

Ongoing issues

On March 14, officers were dispatched to the 400 block of Camber Avenue and upon arrival could hear yelling. An officer spoke with a woman at the residence who said she and her boyfriend got into an argument over his drinking and relationship issues. It was not physical and she wanted him to leave the apartment. The man confirmed this story and went to his mother’s house.


Didn’t have my permission

A man contacted police March 14 after someone had rummaged through his vehicle. He had parked it in the 500 block of Camber Avenue March 10, and when he returned the next day noticed the glove box was open and papers that had been inside it were on the floor. The man told police nothing was missing. 


George Washington

Officers responded to the 600 block of First Avenue on the report of a man unable to walk and lying in the snow. An officer told another responder that when asked who the president was, the man answered George Washington. The man was unable to tell police which apartment he lived in. When asked how much alcohol he consumed throughout the day, the man responded “10 minutes.” He blew a .323 on a very weak sample according to the report. The man was transported to a local hospital.


Not good

On March 16, officers on routine patrol in the 300 block of Concord Exchange were approached by a man who said his rental car had been struck in a parking lot. The man’s wife said the suspect vehicle parked farther away and a man, who the pair said was possibly intoxicated, exited the vehicle and went into a liquor store. The man was found crossing the street and denied being involved. The wife identified him. An officer smelled alcohol on the man and a bottle of vodka was found in the vehicle with content missing. He blew a .09.


West St. Paul

Block him

A woman called police March 15 after she was harassed by a man that bought a cellphone from her. The woman told police she purchased two phones, but sold one on Facebook to a man for $650. The man contacted the woman via Facebook messenger and told her he believed the phone was fake and wanted his money back or he would go to the police. The woman contacted Roseville Police since the transaction occurred in Roseville. Police told the woman this was a civil issue and to block him on social media.


Watch it

On March 15, a call came in from the 1500 block of Charlton Street about a vehicle with loud music. An officer spoke with the driver who was getting home from work and didn’t know his music was too loud. The officer advised him to watch the volume when he comes into the lot.


Tricky tricky

A loss prevention employee from a business in the 1700 block of Robert Street called police March 16 after apprehending a shoplifter. The would-be-thief was cited and released at the scene, and according to the report, he used the UPC sticker/package scam technique – all of the merchandise was recovered.


A little bit of patience

On March 17, a disorderly customer wouldn’t leave a business in the 1600 block of Robert Street. The man was yelling and asked to move down the line but wouldn’t. The man wanted his money back, and the caller, who was the manager, explained to him his card was refunded but it takes up to two days for the money to go back in the account.


Dog on the run

A call came in March 17 from the area of Annapolis Street and Allen Avenue about a pit bull running loose and appeared to be aggressive. When an officer checked the area, no dog could be found.



Poor turkey

On March 18, a call came in from the 1700 block of Charlton Street after a truck-versus-turkey incident. The woman who called was concerned for the turkey after it was hit by a truck in front of the school. The truck sustained minor damage to the driver’s side mirror. 


It used to be new

A man called police March 18 after purchasing what he thought were new items off Craigslist but later discovered the items were from 1998. The man told police he bought two motorcycle helmets that he thought were new and only used a couple times. When he got home, he noticed they were certified in 1998 — after seven years past being certified any more. The caller was not able to get ahold of the seller, but police said the seller may still return his call or he could stop at the house and try to resolve it. 


Possible scam

On March 19 in the 300 block of Logan Avenue, a man called police after an unknown man pulled into his driveway saying he was with an alarm company. The caller thought it was suspicious when the man asked for his email and to come inside to see what system he currently had installed. The man asked the visitor to leave and provided him no information – the caller was concerned it was a new scam.


 No shoes, no service

A man sitting in a booth with his shoes off March 19 was bothering other patrons at a business in the 1600 block of Livingston Avenue. The caller said they asked the man to put his shoes back on but he refused — staff has had problems with the man in the past. The caller said he didn’t want police to contact the man, but instead wanted to see if the man would leave with police arrival, which he did.

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