NEWSBRIEF: St. Paul lifts one-sided winter parking ban

The City of Saint Paul lifted the one-sided residential street parking ban on Thursday, March 21 The one-sided parking ban was originally scheduled to be in place until April 1.

The recent warmer weather and snow melt, along with continued snow removal efforts, have helped widen St. Paul streets allowing emergency vehicles to safely access the city.

“The one-side parking ban was an unusual, but necessary, step to ensure our streets were safe and accessible this winter,” said Kathy Lantry, director of public works. “We understand this was an inconvenience for residents, businesses and visitors these past two and a half weeks. We greatly appreciate everyone’s cooperation and compliance with the parking rules.”

Due to the record-breaking snowfalls in February, many of the residential streets became narrowed, making travel and emergency access limited in some areas. The one-sided parking ban went into effect on March 4, following the city’s sixth snow emergency in five weeks. The city needed to declare a seventh snow emergency on March 10, which temporarily suspended the one-side parking ban for two days. The last time the city declared a one-side parking ban was March 2014.

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