NEWSBRIEF: Get back to recycling basics

Recycling seems more complicated than ever, so it’s time to get back to basics. Minnesotans are throwing away more than 285,000 tons of paper and 12,000 tons of aluminum cans each year — all of which have been recyclable for decades.

Dakota County is kicking off a campaign to help residents feel confident about recycling with these simple messages:

• Recycle bottles, cans and paper. Keep them clean, dry and loose in your recycling cart. 

• Keep plastic bags, batteries and things that can tangle out of your recycling cart.

• When in doubt, throw it out — no more hoping that an item is recyclable. If you don’t know, don’t recycle it.

• Use the online Green Guide to help know if an item is recyclable:, search Green Guide.


Dakota County has resources or can present for your organization or group. For more information, contact Jenny Kedward at 952-891-7043 or  

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