LETTER: Maplewood intersection is trashy (literally)

To the Editor:


There is always trash scattered about at the corner of 11th Avenue and Gervais Avenue in Maplewood. Along the sidewalks and at the bus stop, it is a familiar sight to see trash, shopping carts and litter. Maplewood residents and visitors could be more environmentally responsible if we were provided more trash cans and recycling bins on city sidewalks (like our treasured parks and trails). We as residents need to persuade our elected officials to regularly provide trash bins and clean up the litter. We could communicate to our Maplewood city departments, council and committee members by calling, writing letters or emails and showing up to various meetings.

Excess trash turns into microplastic that pollutes our waterways and goes into the digestive tracts of birds, fish, turtles and invertebrates. Nearby this intersection is Kohlman Creek. It is 2.8 miles long which flows into Kohlman Lake, the first lake in the Phalen chain of Lakes. 

This would be an additional city service, yet I feel such services should already be provided. Let us ask our officials to tap into and utilize our existing assets, creative thinking and collaboration to get this done. Together, we can tackle trash around municipal areas and sidewalks.


Erica Huppert


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