Bartz brothers of New Brighton unveil Slinky the Snail

Matt Hudson The 23-foot-tall snow snail named Slinky is the latest creation from Trevor, Austin and Connor Bartz. The New Brighton brothers have been attracting visitors with their cold creations for nearly a decade.

The Bartz home in New Brighton is once again a busy New Year’s destination thanks to Slinky the Snail.

Brothers Connor, Austin and Trevor Bartz have been building their massive snow creations for eight winters. Past projects have included a snow lobster, a snow octopus and a snow turtle, among others — all sea creatures looming large in the family’s front yard.

On New Year’s Day, the brothers unveiled Slinky, which sports intricate surface patterns and two large tentacles atop its head. 

The brothers worked through rainy conditions to finish the project, all of which was documented on their Facebook page. With little native snow to work with, they relied on donations. Scenic Grounds Maintenance from Blaine trucked down three large loads of it.

On Jan. 2, cars full of visitors were stopping, with folks getting out to take photos and read about the brothers’ process.

“It’s something they put so much work into,” said Kathleen Kraling of Fridley. “And they’re so creative.”

Kraling said she’s come to check out the snow sculptures each year. She’s impressed with the details added to the animals. This year, she brought her granddaughter, Vivian.

“And I love the fact that they always have donations,” Kraling said.

The brothers have been using their snow sculpture fame to draw attention to a fundraising effort through One Day’s Wages, an online fundraising platform. This year’s donations will go toward a health and hygiene program in Vietnam, according to the brothers’ site.

More information about the campaign can be found by searching Bartz Snow Sculptures on Facebook.


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