LETTER: Praise for a commitment to be accessible

To the Editor:


As an Oakdale City Council member, Kevin Zabel has taken my community concerns seriously and always follows up. This is why I know he will make a great mayor for our City. I appreciate not only his responsiveness, but his willingness to listen and take action.

He has been the only council member active on social media for the last couple years. By making himself available via social media, he demonstrates his commitment to be accessible for his constituents so he can hear their concerns. He stays involved by asking what WE want to see in Oakdale. His fresh perspective and openness to new ideas is exactly what this city needs. 

My son and daughter are being raised in Oakdale as fourth generation residents and I am excited to see Oakdale continue to grow and new ideas being developed. I know this will happen if we have Kevin’s engaged leadership for our community.

I believe he will be a true advocate for our city, which is why I’ll be voting for Kevin Zabel Nov. 6 and hope my neighbors in Oakdale do the same.


Amy Kirkwood


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