LETTER: Following the laws

To the Editor:


I am concerned about Mark Landis serving on the city council, and all Oakdale residents should be. Among the largest of those concerns is his arrest for DWI, which was covered in a Lillie newspaper story back in March, but also the detail that that arrest stemmed from Landis being stopped for driving under a revoked license. 

Lillie reporters were unable to determine why Landis’ license was suspended, a detail he has not clarified to this day. 

I am sympathetic towards individuals with substance abuse issues, but they have to be honest about it, especially if they are asking for residents to vote for them. I was shocked to hear that Landis was remaining in office, much less running for re-election. How can we trust Landis to make the laws for our city if he can’t even follow them? Vote for anybody else on Election Day.


Eric Hayes


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