LETTER: Drain New Brighton’s swamp: Vote ‘yes’ on ballot question

To the Editor:


The current New Brighton City Council has passed an ordinance that changes local elections from odd to even years. The way they did this, however, unilaterally cancelled the 2019 city election and extended all of their terms of office by another year.

A petition was circulated that garnered enough signatures to legally require voters to authorize the council’s actions by way of a question on the 2018 ballot. Unfortunately, the council has worded the question to be vague and potentially confusing to voters by not specifying the issue raised by the petition: restoration of the 2019 city election and elimination of the term extensions not authorized by the voters.

City Manager Lotter has outrageously stated in a local newspaper interview that “a well-written ballot question is one that is vague — it presents an unbiased question.” This arrogance alone should tell voters all they need know about why a “yes” vote on the ballot question is warranted.

Lotter and the council are trying to spin the ballot question as strictly a referendum on whether or not to change the local election cycle from odd to even years. This is not the issue. The ballot question should be viewed as whether or not to approve the unethical political power grab by the council and allow the question of the election cycle change to be decided on its own merits.

The political swamp here in New Brighton needs to be drained. A good start would be a “yes” vote for the ballot question.


Steve Taylor 

New Brighton

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