LETTER: Becker-Finn gets my vote on education

To the Editor:


Education is important to me, so I look forward to voting for Jamie Becker-Finn on Election Day for House District 42B. Jamie is a mom with young kids, so she appreciates how our K-12 system serves our families for the future. 

We are both parents of kids at Emmet D. Williams Elementary, and I have seen first-hand her commitment to education. She has invited groups of students to the Capitol building to learn about the legislative process and volunteers her time at the school.

I’m also happy that she supports expanding pre-K opportunities for Minnesota kids so that all kids are ready to learn in kindergarten. 

Having grown up in greater Minnesota, Jamie is also an example of how Minnesota thinks about education funding for our K-12 system. In other states, school funding is highly dependent on property taxes, but here the state provides most of the funding. That means that if you grow up in a community with lower property wealth, the quality of your child’s education is still high. Jamie strongly supports looking at the “whole child.” Not all kids have the same level of stability or support at home, so it’s important to look at and fund other programs outside the education “silo” that can affect student success.

Please join me in supporting Jamie Becker-Finn for re-election.


Rachel Wright


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