Clone of LETTER: Drain New Brighton’s swamp: Vote ‘yes’ on ballot question

To the Editor:


I have contacted Randy Jessup several times over the past year. His response time and replies have varied, sometimes dependent on whether I agreed with him or not. 

Toward the end of the 2018 session, I contacted him about voting on an issue important to me; the committee he was assigned to was voting 24 hours later. Eight days later he responded, saying he didn’t think the bill was a concern to protection of state parks and trails — basically blowing me off. His touted “bipartisan role” is highly misleading.

In addition, we have been inundated with very negative mailings from the Republican Party and Pro Jobs Majority, depicting Kelly Moller as a radical person who will personally make life worse for all Minnesotans. These are not the type of campaign “facts” we need to see.

In contrast, Kelly Moller has been responsive to my questions, is running a positive campaign, and has values on health care, education, gun control and environmental issues that more closely align with mine. And I feel we need new leadership in the House for District 42A to get things accomplished on these issues. I will be voting for Kelly Moller, I hope you do too.


Linda Johnson


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