LETTER: In support of even-year elections in New Brighton

To the Editor:


I support New Brighton moving to even-year elections and will vote “no” Nov. 6 on the ballot question that seeks to undo the move. More than 850 cities in Minnesota have even-year elections. Most cities have chosen to have them because they result in higher voter turnout, reduced pressure on city staff to manage them, and they save money for the city.

As I see this issue, a small minority of New Brighton citizens are upset because the change to even-year elections extends the current terms for the mayor and two council members. State law states that if a city moves from odd-year to even-year elections, the action extends the current term for existing mayor or council members by one year. The mayor and council members did not elect themselves to an extra year in office, as has been stated by some. The voters elected the current mayor and council and I believe they will represent the voters well for an extra year.

Please join me in voting “no.” I am thankful that our elected officials are making it possible for our future elections to be more efficient and cost-effective for New Brighton.


Betty Funk

New Brighton

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