South-West Review police reports published July 8, 2018

South-West Review police reports published July 8, 2018 for Inver Grove Heights, Mendota Heights, South St. Paul and West St. Paul


Mendota Heights

Height problem

An officer responded to the 1600 block of Lilydale Road June 22 to speak with someone who reported that a commercial truck hit a low clearance sign hanging from a train trestle bridge. The truck was gone on arrival with no driver information available.


Still there

On June 24, officers were dispatched to the 900 block of Memorial Highway where they met with a man who told them the building he rents had been broken into and there were two bikes outside of it. Officers located a suspect who was transported to Dakota County Jail.


Warrant arrest

A vehicle was stalled near the intersection of Highway 13 and Interstate 35E June 23. The driver had a warrant out for their arrest and was transported to Dakota County Jail.


Not a bathroom

On June 25, an officer responded to a report of vandalism from the 1500 block of Commerce Drive. Sometime over the weekend, someone entered a vehicle and put fecal matter inside. 


You’re not family

On June 25, someone called to report harassment after receiving phone calls from someone saying they were a family member in need of money. No money was sent. The person was given information on how to block phone numbers.


Missing packages

A resident from the 1000 block of Walsh Lane came to the department lobby June 25 to report three packages valued at $72 had been taken.


Stolen bike

An officer was dispatched to the 700 block of Main Street June 25 on a report of a stolen bicycle. The officer spoke with someone who said they had left their bicycle on the bike trail near the Highway 110 tunnel, and when they returned it was gone. 


Don’t come back

Officers responded to the 900 block of Sibley Memorial Highway June 27 on a report of a man in the ladies’ bathroom. The subsequent investigation resulted in two people being banned from the location. 


Lock the car

A resident from the 600 block of Cheyenne Lane called June 27 to report that a checkbook and baseball hat had been taken from unlocked vehicles sometime overnight.


South St. Paul

Dude, where’s my drone?

On June 23, an officer was approached by a woman in Kaposia Park who said she had lost her drone. She said her son was flying the drone and it most likely got caught in the trees. The officer told the woman she would contact her if a drone was found matching the description of the one they lost. 


Warrant arrest

An officer saw a man who he recognized from a previous call enter a residence in the 200 block of Fourth Avenue North June 26. The officer knew the man had an active felony warrant for terroristic threats out of Dakota County. The man was taken into custody and transported to Dakota County Jail.


Pump and go

An attendant at a gas station in the 1100 block of Concord Street called police June 27 after a driver pumped $30.71 worth of gas into his vehicle and left. 


Family feud

A call came in from 14th Avenue South June 29 about a possible assault. An officer spoke with a man, who was visibly upset and emotional, sitting on the front steps of a home holding a towel to his face. He told police he was assaulted by his brother. The pair had gotten into an argument, and the brother stuck him in the head several times and pushed him into a wall. A woman who witnessed the fight told officers the brother was the primary aggressor. She said she had attempted to step in from of him to prevent him from hitting his brother. The man left in a vehicle once he knew police had been called. 


West St. Paul

Phone please

A manager of a business in the 1600 block of Robert Street South called police June 28 because of an out-of-control customer who was trying to get the manager to fight him. The man was upset because he left his phone at the store and an employee would not give it back until they watched the cameras. The man was given his phone back — but was also banned from the store and told not to return.


Missing pills

On June 28, a man called police after his apartment in the 1800 block of Oakdale Avenue was broken into. Money was missing from his wallet and Vicodin was missing as well. There were no signs of forced entry.


Why driving by my house?

A call came in June 29 from a man in the 900 block of Allen Avenue who wanted to discuss why police were constantly driving slow by his house and sitting on the corner. An officer told the man that driving/patrolling was part of their duties and they drive by the neighborhoods to deter crime. The man was advised to file a complaint if he wanted to do so. 


Stolen card

A man called police June 30 after his credit card was stolen the night before. He said the card was not returned from a worker at a business — the manager has video of an employee taking the card. 


Defective iron

On June 30, a call came in from a woman who purchased an iron from someone in the 900 block of Smith Avenue that didn’t work. The woman, who lives in St. Paul, said she bought the iron on Offer Up and due to it not working, wanted a police report so she could get her money back. Police told her this issue was a civil matter and no report would be written.


Hungry teens

A call came in July 1 from the 200 block of Westview Drive about an occupied car sitting on the street that had been there for at least half an hour. It turned out to be kids eating McDonalds. They were advised of the complaint and moved along. 



A man was dropped off by an Uber driver in the 2000 block of Robert Street July 3 and called police because the driver was talking about picking up a female passenger and killing her. According to the report, the caller was not making much sense. After further investigation, police determined no actual threats were made, and the man just kept repeating that the driver said “I gotta do what I gotta do.”

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