LETTERS: St. Anthony City Hall is stuck in the ‘50s

To the Editor:

St. Anthony Village — our lovely ramblers aren’t the only things that date to circa 1950. Our leaders’ attitudes are vintage too!  

Take our mayor who calls out the women pushing for change by labeling them “shrill voices” in the city newsletter.  

Better still, our councilmen — yes, all men — who selected, you guessed it, another man to fill a vacant spot on the council. Sure, they could have picked a supremely qualified woman, a woman who in November’s election earned more than 800 votes more than the man they selected. But hey — father knows best, am I right?

So ladies — if you’re sick of worrying your pretty heads over politics, come on over to St. Anthony Village City Hall, enjoy a martini and slice of jello salad, and let the men in charge teach you your place.

Kate Martin, St. Anthony

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