LETTERS: A final word against police reports in the paper

To the Editor:

I am so in agreement with Neddy Wuertz in the “Letters” section from the week of Dec. 3.

Your “Police” reports are a waste of time. I could care less if there were 10,000 car thefts in Roseville or 10,000,000 shopliftings at Rosedale. The reports from the Roseville Police Department have become a laughable waste of space. You certainly don’t gain any money printing that Jack beat up his girlfriend or that there was another episode of violence at Hoggsbreath. 

Your “Police topic editor comes across as very immature. This is not a high school paper so why are you bringing it down in this manner? I’ve said this to your paper many times in the past — this employee, who at your discretion remains anonymous (can’t blame you), needs to grow up.

What you could use a lot more of are community activity listings — certainly you can come up with notices mentioning upcoming activities. I was in a group in the past that would put in each month the current topic of a lecture for that month, or coming months, and yet your people told us it all depended on the amount of room and what editors determined was newsworthy.

You could have a great neighborhood newspaper — but you need to show a lot more maturity than you currently are!

Pat Dankert, Little Canada

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