LETTERS: ‘Pathetic and disgusting’

To the Editor:

In a November story in this paper, Randy Stille described his reelection as St. Anthony’s “demand for continuity.” What a ludicrous statement, made supremely hypocritical by what happened last week. Randy got 28 percent of the vote with historically high voter turnout, just 5 percent more than Nancy Robinett. His colleague Jan Jenson got only 18 votes more than Nancy. Despite that, this week they utterly failed to respect the rest of the city’s demand that Nancy Robinett be appointed to the St. Anthony council to fill Bonnie Brever’s vacated seat.

Nancy’s application was filled with details of her experience that clearly demonstrated that she was the most qualified applicant for the position. It also contained almost 50 supporting letters from community members — on top of the almost 1,000 votes she won in the election. Hal Grey called Nancy an “agitator” during discussions of the candidates, Mayor Jerry Faust belittled and shut down community speakers at the meeting, as usual, and they ultimately ignored every call that Nancy was our choice and appointed Thomas Randle.

While I hope Randle will contribute valuably to the council, it is nevertheless glaringly obvious that this council full of old men just can’t handle working with a woman who will stand up to them. Pathetic and disgusting. 

I look forward to voting them all out of office at the next opportunity. With each continual misstep, they wake up more of us to work very, very hard to make sure that happens.

Laurie Parker, St. Anthony

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