LETTERS: ‘Inept cowards,’ or conspirators?

To the Editor:

The St. Anthony mayor and city council members have performed a massive failure of leadership to recognize the will and wishes of the voters in the appointment of Thomas Randle to the council seat left vacant by Bonnie Brever. 

Based upon their statements, they chose who would be easiest and most comfortable for them to work alongside. 

Council member Hal Gray stated he was tired of agitation. Mr. Gray, if you cannot stand the heat, please leave the kitchen. Effective leaders do not ignore people and issues that are difficult for them. Council member Jan Jenson said Randle best represented his views. When did this become about only his views? 

In the face of overwhelming community support of Nancy Robinett, both in the election and in letters of support, they chose to ignore those who voted, engaged the city administration, and worked for the growth of St. Anthony. Council member Randy Stille apparently finds the notion of acknowledging the votes garnered by Robinett flawed. Wow.

This is a short game being played by the mayor and council members. One that transmits cynicism and is transparent in its gaming of the democratic system.

Finally, I am left to wonder if these men are inept cowards interested only in their own comfort, or if they conspired with Bonnie to insure control over the seat she vacated. I await their answer.

Gene Bird, St. Anthony

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