LETTERS: ‘Faust’s fiefdom’

To the Editor:

Hear ye! Hear ye! Democracy circumvented in The Village! The open seat on the St. Anthony City Council should have been filled by holding a special election, you know, letting the voters decide. 

The city council inexplicably refused this option. The seat was determined to be filled by choice of the council. Assuming the council respected the voices and votes of the citizens of St. Anthony, the correct and democratic choice would be the to appoint the candidate in the November election who came in third for the two open seats on the ballot. 

Nancy Robinett was only 18 votes shy of  incumbent Jan Jenson, who retained his seat. They refused this option too. Why are democratic elections and the votes of the citizens of St. Anthony not important to the mayor and city council? Why are the inner workings of who is to lead the city government being decided by inexplicable, behind closed doors decisions, which leave democracy out in the cold? It is wrong. It is undemocratic. It is Faust’s fiefdom.

 Lorie Haddad,  St. Anthony Village

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