Roseville/Bulletin police reports • Published November 19, 2017

Arden Hills


Someone broke into a business in the 3600 block of Lexington Avenue overnight into Nov. 14 — the burglar threw rocks through a window and then entered the building through it. The prowler stole $20 cash and a cash register, rummaged through cabinets and threw things on the floor. There’s possible DNA evidence from blood found on the broken window, otherwise police have no leads.


Imposter card fraud

A 53-year-old Hastings man told police his wallet was stolen from a construction site he was working in the 4000 block of Lexington Avenue sometime before lunch on Nov. 10. The man’s credit card was used for $1,100 worth of purchases at a nearby Target, and a later attempt at another $500 charge was declined because of the card’s daily limit. Security footage from the Target offers some clues — a man in construction gear and a hard hat, not the victim, entered the store at the time the fraudulent charges were made. The man may be able to identify the imposter.


Falcon Heights


A 49-year-old woman was cited and arrested after a Nov. 2 traffic stop at Snelling and Hoyt avenues for driving with a revoked license. She was booked at the Ramsey County Jail for an outstanding Clay County warrant for issuing a “dishonored” check.


Booted from the gas station

Police came and removed a 56-year-old man from the BP gas station in the 1600 block of Snelling Avenue Oct. 30 because he was harassing employees. If he goes back to the service station he could be arrested for trespassing.


Keeping tabs

An anonymous caller told police Nov. 3 about a car with expired tabs parked in the 1800 block of Howell Street. Officers checked the computer and found that, despite the current tabs not being on the car, they had been purchased, so police left a card on the vehicle reminding the owner to apply the new tabs.




Police stopped a 32-year-old woman Nov. 2 at Como Avenue and 33rd Street SE and arrested her for multiple Ramsey County warrants for driving with a suspended license — she was booked at the Ramsey County Jail.


Suspicious activity

Officers were told about some suspicious activity happening near a business in the 1000 block of 33rd Avenue SE Oct. 30 so they checked things out. They found a couple characters in a car, including a 63-year-old man in the driver’s seat who was arrested and cited for driving with a revoked license and having no proof of insurance. A passenger, a 48-year-old man, was booked at the Ramsey County Jail for an outstanding Anoka County probation violation, stemming from a third-degree assault conviction.


Little Canada

Hello, OnStar

A 23-year-old woman told police Nov. 14 that her 2016 Chevy Cruse was stolen out of her garage in the 3000 block of Edgerton Street sometime in the preceding four days. The garage had been left unlocked, and she’d kept a key to the car in a bag inside it. However, the car was subscribed to an in-vehicle security service that was able to locate the car, a few days later, parked and empty in a hospital parking lot in Robbinsdale, and the woman got it back.


Package theft, nearly foiled

A 26-year-old woman who lives in the 2400 block of Edgerton Street told police Nov. 10 she’d received email confirmation that her $330 Apple Watch had just been delivered to her house. Upon opening her front door in order to retrieve the package, she encountered a young man picking it up; he told her he was a delivery driver who’d delivered it to the wrong house. She jotted down the license plate number of the car the guy left in, and shortly thereafter figured out the man had stolen her package, so she called the cops.


Stolen wheels

Three tires with rims of an unknown size worth a total of $300 were stolen from a yard in the 2400 block of Edgerton Street sometime during the day of Nov. 10 as reported by the wheels’ 43-year-old owner. He called the cops to report the theft that same day.


Mounds View


Police arrested a 28-year-old Minneapolis man Nov. 7 after he was stopped for driving without headlights just after midnight at Woodlawn Drive and County Road I, for a laundry list of offenses. He was cited for misdemeanor theft, possession of stolen property, driving with a suspended license, no proof of insurance and for possession of 1.4 grams of marijuana in a motor vehicle. He also had a misdemeanor warrant for domestic assault, so he was booked at the Ramsey County Jail.



Police stopped a car for speeding Nov. 8 in the 7700 block of Silver Lake Road and arrested its driver, a 21-year-old Spring Lake Park man, for possession of a small amount of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia and for DWI — he a blew a .16 blood alcohol concentration.


Garage burglary

Someone broke into a garage in the 7600 block of Woodlawn Drive as reported Nov. 12.


Lucky no one was killed

An officer patrolling the area of County Road I and Mounds View Boulevard in the early morning hours of Nov. 11 watched a woman driving a car lose control of the vehicle, hit a bus bench, then continue driving the wrong way on the county road. The officer pulled over the driver, who was identified as a 43-year-old from St. Paul, and arrested her for third-degree DWI, driving the wrong way on the road, failure to maintain a lane and for no proof of insurance.


Stolen car

Someone stole a vehicle from the 2700 block of Hillview Road overnight into Nov. 7.


Stolen papers

Someone broke into a car as it was parked in the 2100 block of County Road H and stole a laptop bag containing immigration paperwork, as reported Nov. 9.


New Brighton


Officers saw a 26-year-old Ramsey man apparently passed out behind the wheel of his car the afternoon of Nov. 15 at the intersection of Forest Dale Road and Torchwood Drive, so they checked it out. The man was evasive and wouldn’t explain what he was doing, so the officers patted the guy down and found he was in possession of methamphetamine. A search of the car turned up a meth pipe; the man was arrested for fifth-degree possession of a controlled substance.


Brazen sneaker heist

Some sneaker-fiending burglars slipped into a home in the 2500 block of Long Lake Road the evening of Nov. 11 and stole a 19-year-old man’s $200 Nike Air Jordan shoes. The man’s mother heard noises coming from upstairs so she yelled up there, assuming it was her son. Instead, a couple intruders, in possession of the white, black and red sneakers, came running down the stairs. The 19-year-old was at work at the time; police have no suspects.


Catalytic converter crime spree

A 26-year-old man from Brooklyn Center who manages a car sales lot in the 500 block of Old Highway 8 told police someone had stolen a catalytic converter from a 2002 Honda CR-V overnight into Nov. 10. It was the fourth catalytic converter stolen from his lot in as many months, and the man requested additional police patrols of the area. 


Quick work

A 33-year-old man told police the night of Nov. 14 that his wallet and cell phone had been stolen out of a locker with a broken lock at the LA Fitness in the 1100 block of Silver Lake Road. The man called the pertinent financial institutions to freeze his accounts, but not before the thief attempted to make purchases with his cards at a Best Buy in Maple Grove and a pizza place in West. St. Paul.


Stolen, then ruined car

A woman told police Nov. 9 she’d left her 2015 Mitsubishi Mirage running and unlocked in a parking lot in the 2300 block of County Road E in order to let it warm up. It was stolen. The next day, Bloomington police contacted New Brighton PD to tell them the car had been recovered in Bloomington after a police chase. Three people had been arrested after they fled police in the stolen car, which had been used to ram squad cars during the chase and in the process had been heavily damaged. New Brighton officers left a message with the woman to tell her the car had turned up.




Someone got into a garage in the 3500 block of Owasso Boulevard as reported by the 50-year-old man who owns the place Nov. 13. Missing were the man’s $650 stereo and $140 worth of “oils;” there were no signs of forced entry and police have no suspects.


Card fraud

Despite the fact he still had possession of his credit card, a 37-year-old man told police Nov. 12 that someone had made more than $1,000 worth of fraudulent charges on his credit card. He was alerted to the fraud by his credit card company. Police are investigating how the card information might have been stolen.


Slap shot

A 49-year-old Roseville woman told police Nov. 14 that someone had smashed the back window on her brand new Suburu Outback Nov. 10 as it was parked at the Green Mill in the 3200 block of Woodbridge Street and stolen some $1,000 worth of hockey gear. 


Shots fired

Deputies responded to two reports of shots fired the evening of Nov. 15, as reported first from the 1000 block of Robinhood Place and then, 14 minutes later, from the 4900 block of Turtle Lane. Deputies checked out both areas and found nothing.


St. Anthony


Officers noticed a car with an expired temporary license parked in a no-parking zone at Stinson Boulevard and 38th Avenue Nov. 1. They checked it out and arrested a 33-year-old man who was inside the car for an outstanding Anoka Couny felony warrant — he was booked at the Hennepin County Jail.



Someone broke the glass front door of the Mexican restaurant in the 2500 block of Kenzie Terrace — officers responded to the business’s burglar alarm. The owner said items had been moved around inside, but reported no loss. The Hennepin County Crime Lab checked things out and management is checking security footage. It cost $300 to fix the door.


Domestic assault

A 28-year-old woman told police Oct. 30 she’d been assaulted by her husband. Medics checked her and officers took photos of her injuries. Officers questioned the husband, a 37-year-old man, and booked him at the Hennepin County Jail for fifth-degree domestic assault.


eBay scam

A 40-year-old man told police Oct. 31 he’d bought a vehicle on eBay from an unknown person for $1,000, using eBay gift cards to pay the person. Once the person was paid in full, they stopped communicating with the man. eBay is investigating. Never pay anyone — online or off — using gift cards, because they’re very difficult to trace, and remember, anybody requesting such payment is likely looking to steal from you.


Lock the car

A 73-year-old man told police Oct. 31 someone stole a $50 gift card from his unlocked car as it was parked in the 3400 block of Silver Lane.


Theft from auto

A 34-year-old woman told police Nov. 2 someone had stolen the catalytic converter from her car as it was parked at the Walgreens in the 3700 block of Silver Lake Road.




Assaults were reported:

• Nov. 10 in the 3000 block of Cleveland Avenue



Burglaries were reported:

• Nov. 15 at BP on Dale Street



Thefts were reported:

• Nov. 9 at Walmart

• Nov. 10 at Guitar Center

• Nov. 10 at Roseville Area High School

• Nov. 10 at D’Amico & Sons

• Nov. 12 at Planet Fitness

• Nov. 12 in the 1700 block of Marion Street

• Nov. 13 in the 2800 block of Snelling Avenue

• Nov. 13 at Olive Garden

• Nov. 13 at LA Fitness

• Nov. 14 in the 2200 block of Snelling Avenue

• Nov. 14 at Rosedale Center

• Nov. 15 at House of Wong

• Nov. 15 at Kohl’s

• Nov. 15 in the 1700 block of Highway 36

• Nov. 15 at Walmart


Motor vehicle thefts were reported:

• Nov. 10 in the 500 block of Sandhurst Drive


Thefts from auto were reported:

• Nov. 9 at St. Christopher’s Episcopal Church

• Nov. 10 in the 200 block of Larpenteur Avenue

• Nov. 10 at Planet Fitness

• Nov. 12 at Planet Fitness

• Nov. 12 in the 900 block of County Road B2

• Nov. 13 at Red Lobster

• Nov. 13 at LA Fitness

• Nov. 14 in the 2400 block of Matilda Circle

• Nov. 15 in the 2300 block of Rice Street


Shoplifting was reported:

• Nov. 9 at Rosedale Center

• Nov. 10 at Rosedale Commons

• Nov. 11 at Rosedale Center

• Nov. 13 at Kohl’s

• Nov. 13 at Rosedale Center

• Nov. 14 at Rosedale Commons

• Nov. 15 at Walmart



Driving while intoxicated was reported:

• Nov. 10 at Larpenteur and Lexington avenues

• Nov. 13 in the 1100 block of Larpenteur Avenue


Disorderly Conduct

Disorderly conduct was reported:

• Nov. 10 at Days Inn

• Nov. 10 at Rosedale Center

• Nov. 10 at Burger King on Snelling Avenue

• Nov. 11 at Buffalo Wild Wings

• Nov. 12 at Norwood Inn & Suites

• Nov. 12 at LA Fitness

• Nov. 13 at Dollar Tree

• Nov. 13 at Target

• Nov. 14 at Har Mar Mall

• Nov. 15 at Roseville Area High School


Property Damage

Criminal damage to property was reported:

• Nov. 11 in the 1000 block of Roma Avenue

• Nov. 12 in the 2700 block of Oxford Street

• Nov. 12 in the 900 block of County Road B2

• Nov. 14 at Rosedale Chevrolet

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