South-West Review police reports published November 19, 2017

South-West Review police reports published November 19, 2017 for Inver Grove Heights, Mendota Heights, South St. Paul and West St. Paul

Mendota Heights reports were unavailable this week

Inver Grove Heights


An employee at MGM Liquor reported a theft of a bottle of whiskey Nov. 8. The suspect left in a vehicle that had been reported as stolen from St. Paul. Officers were unable to locate the vehicle. 

An officer responded to the 2900 block of 46th Court Nov. 10 on the report of theft of medication. 



On Nov. 9, school officials mailed three students trespass notices after two separate disturbances that occurred in the 2900 block of 80th Street East. The notices prohibit the students from being on school property outside of normal school hours. The students were identified as a 16-year-old girl, a 17-year-old girl and an 18-year-boy. 



Officers conducted a traffic stop Nov. 11 on a vehicle that was weaving and went off the road. One 27-year-old man was arrested for DWI. He was booked and released from the Inver Grove Heights Police Department.


Lost property

A man reported Nov. 13 that his immigration paperwork was sent to his previous address in Inver Grove Heights but never forwarded to his new address in South St. Paul. The man needed a police report per Immigration and Naturalization Service. 


Recovered property

Officers recovered a stolen trailer Nov. 13 in the area of 52nd Street and Bryce Avenue. 


Warrant arrest

On Nov. 14, officers were called to the 5800 block of Blaine Avenue on a report of two suspicious people. A woman was arrested for a warrant, and a man was arrested for a warrant and providing false information. 


Vehicle break-ins

Officers were called to a vehicle break-in Nov. 8 in the 5500 block of Bishop Avenue. Shortly after, officers on patrol discovered another vehicle break-in in the same area.


Exploitation of vulnerable adult

The financial exploitation of a vulnerable adult was reported Nov. 8. The case is still active. 



Check forgery was reported Nov. 13. The case is still active. 


South St. Paul

Dog bite

Someone reported Nov. 9 from the 700 block of Third Avenue that their sisters’ boyfriend’s dog had bitten them, and was now not going to pay the bill. At the time of the incident, the owner agreed to pay for the medical expenses. When the bill was issued, the owner was no longer responding to pay. The victim wanted to file a police report. 



A woman was arrested Nov. 11 in the 1300 block of Concord Street for suspicion of driving while under the influence of alcohol. 


Driving with a revoked license

A driver was arrested for DWI and driving with a revoked license in the 200 block of Buron Lane Nov. 6. The driver also had an active gross misdemeanor warrant. He refused to provide a blood or urine test. When it came time to take the driver to Dakota County Jail, he had a medical emergency, and was transported to Regions Hospital.



A complaint came in Nov. 7 reporting that items were stolen from a detached garage in the 1300 block of Bryant Avenue.


Drug possession

The driver of a vehicle pulled over in the 400 block of 14th Avenue Nov. 6 was cited for no proof of insurance and marijuana possession. 


West St. Paul

Drug money

A man called police Nov. 7 stating that he gave his nephew money to go buy crack. The woman at a residence in the 1900 block of Oakdale Avenue was refusing to give the nephew the full product. The man disconnected while the officer tried getting more information. An officer checked the building and the area around it but did not locate anyone. Police tried calling the man three times and it went to voicemail. According to the report, the officer said the “caller realized the absurdity of his call and turned his phone off.”


Missing lion

A woman who lives in the 1100 block of Ottawa Avenue called Nov. 8 to report a statue of a lion was stolen. She also wanted to report another incident where she is not getting money paid back to her. An officer spoke with the woman, and within the last week and a half, a 14-inch tall, cement lion statue was taken from her front door. She didn’t want a report, but just wanted officers to be aware.

She also told officers she loaned money to a former coworker for work done around his house and he’d only paid her back a small amount. She was concerned with his reaction when she told him she was not going to loan him any more money. The woman was told to call the non-emergency number at any time as they “would rather come out and find nothing then not come out and something happens.”


Suspicious activity

A woman called police Nov. 9 from the 100 block of Carmel Avenue after seeing a man on her balcony. The man was pounding on the door and trying to open it. The woman left the apartment. No weapons were seen, and it is unknown how he got up there. The man was intoxicated and at the wrong apartment. His friend was contacted, and the man was taken into custody.  


Customer disturbance

A loss prevention employee of a business in the 1700 block of Robert Street South called Nov. 9 because a customer was causing a disturbance. The customer tried to do a bad return the night before by returning a TV, but it was just a TV box with rocks and trash in it. The customer was back that day and was swearing at other people in the store. She was trying to return other miscellaneous items. 


Phony phone call

A woman’s husband got a call that he won “Publisher’s Clearing House” and had to get $400 to pay for winning fees. The man was directed to wait at his house in the 200 block of Winona Street West with the money. The callers knew his address but not his name or any other information. The husband hung up and didn’t confirm any information with them. The callers did not threaten the woman, who called police Nov. 10, or the husband. The couple was advised to call 911 if they see anything suspicious as the callers said they were watching the wife alone at the house. 


Free liquor

A man walked out of a business in the 1100 block of Robert Street South Nov. 13 with a liter of vodka that wasn’t paid for. The man, who was heading toward Annapolis Street, put the bottle in his pants. Police located the man right outside and the bottle was located. Management of the store did not want wish to participate in anything leading to charges. They were just happy to have the bottle back. 



A man reported his credit card stolen Nov. 14. He told police he left his credit card at Walmart and it has now been used at multiple locations in St. Paul. Officers spoke with the man and determined the card was not lost in West St. Paul but rather St. Paul. 


You’re meeting who?

A woman called police Nov. 14 to report her husband being scammed. She told police her husband was meeting some girl online. He was reportedly looking to meet this girl and possibly picking her up from the airport. She was advised by police that her husband is an adult and can “unfortunately meet who he wants to.”  

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