Oakdale City Council awards bid for dog park contractor

At the April 11 city council meeting, Oakdale city council members selected Fitol Hintz as the contractor to build Oakdale’s first off-leash dog park. 

The park will be built on the city owned 4.5 acre property on 50th Street between Helena Road and Heather Ridge Road, a site bordered on three sides by public streets and on the south side by unimproved public right of way. 

Currently home to a mixture of trees and grasses, uses for the land are limited due to two crude oil pipelines that cross beneath the ground.

While the initial budget for the project was about $175,000, the project was awarded to the lowest of three bidders, Fitol Hintz, who will supply and install fencing and an improved woodchip trail for about $85,000.

Last November, the council held an open house for the proposed park, and although this event generated a lot of support, it also drew city staff’s attention to a few design considerations.

“There was a desire to do something a little bit more than a chain link fence, so the package includes a vinyl-coated [chain link] fence,” Brian Bachmeier explained. Bachmeier, Oakdale’s public works director and city engineer, said the vinyl coating will be black.

Also in response to resident requests, the existing fence along 50th Street will be replaced, using the same style as the new fencing. The existing fence is leaning in some places and in other places the foundation is coming up out of the ground.

The project will also include an entry area with an automatic latch, so people visiting the park with their pets won’t have to worry about the gate latching.

These resident-recommended improvements are in addition to the initial phase of the park, which includes the new fencing and woodchip trails.

Bachmeier added that if the park proves popular there may be opportunities to add a parking lot as well as extending water services to the park for people and their pets to enjoy.


—Aundrea Kinney

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