Shoreview’s the scene of slow-moving, weeknight car chase

When deputies responded to a Shoreview address on a report of suspicious activity May 31, they probably weren’t expecting they’d be led on a stop-and-go, slow-speed car chase that ended in the arrest of a middle-aged woman.

The initial call came from a resident who spotted the 46-year-old woman standing by a parked car in the 500 block of Harriet Avenue. 

According to the police report, the caller said the woman was “dumping items onto a car” and using a marker to write on it.


Red light, green light

When two deputies arrived to the address in a shared squad car around 7:40 p.m., the woman was in her own car, pulling out onto the street to drive away. 

According to the report, the deputies could see through her car windows that she was “frantic.”

The deputies turned on their squad’s lights and siren and the woman eventually stopped at a stop sign, got out of her car, stood on the street, then got back into her car and began driving again. 

Deputies sounded their siren a second time, still on Harriet Avenue, and the woman, again, decided to stop, this time at Dale Street. 

She got out of her car once more, this time holding a small dog in her arms. According to the report, the woman was still frantic, yelling that her dog needed medical attention. 

One of the deputies yelled to the woman, asking her to get back into her car, and explained that they would come to her. The woman turned around and re-entered her car, but she didn’t wait for the deputies to walk to her window. Instead, she drove off. 


Five squad cars

The woman continued west on Harriet and then turned north onto Victoria Street. 

At that point, according to police, the deputies were unsure of the woman’s mental state and called for assistance, concerned for other drivers on the road.

A second squad car arrived just north of their location and blocked Victoria Street at County Road F. 

Realizing she should stop again, the woman turned right onto County Road F and pulled over. 

Five squad cars were on the scene. 

When police made contact with the woman, she told them, again, that her dog was ill. 

The dog, according to officers, looked fine, and was the least of the woman’s worries, as she was arrested for fleeing police in a vehicle and taken to the Ramsey County Jail.


Ex-boyfrend’s a ‘liar’

One squad car transported the woman’s dog to the University of Minnesota Veterinary Medical Center, while other deputies returned to the scene of the vandalized car on Harriet Avenue. 

Among other words, police found “ass” and “liar” written all over the car, which turned out to belong to the woman’s ex-boyfriend. 

According to police, the vet said the dog was healthy, but the woman might receive a second charge, for criminal damage to property.


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