A creepy hand in New Brighton

Bulletin Area police reports week of June 10, 2015, for Arden Hills, Mounds View, New Brighton, North Oaks, St. Anthony, Shoreview and Vadnais Heights

Arden Hills

Sibling rivalry
A charge of “felony assault by strangulation” is pending against a 28-year-old local man for grabbing his sister by the throat at their dad’s house on Hamline Avenue May 30. It was uncclear what set the man off but he is known to have anger management issues, according to the police report.

“The girl can’t help it”
A 27-year-old woman from White Bear Lake was fired from a discount store in Arden Hills recently for falsifying hours worked and for making 56 personal transactions on a corporate credit card for concert and airline tickets and other personal charges totaling $12,217. The suspect is awaiting prosecution on the felonies.

Mounds View

The overhead garage door was inadvertently left open in the 7600 block of Woodlawn Drive on May 21 and the Cannondale mountain bike that had been inside is valued at $2,000. No recovery. No suspects.

A pair of firearm-related arrest warrants followed a 21-year-old man to a Greenfield Avenue address on May 21 where officers caught up to him. A charge of obstructing the legal process was added to the 30-year-old’s booking sheet after he resisted efforts to bring him in on the felony warrants.

Men beating on one another
A 35-year-old man was cited for fifth-degree assault for pummeling a 40-year-old man May 19 in the 5500 block of Quincy Street.

A 50-year-old man was cited for fifth-degree assault for giving a 51-year-old man the business May 19 in the 2400 block of County Road I.

New Brighton

First a canoe, then a kayak
An unlocked Alumacraft canoe was reported stolen from a homeowner’s association boat rack in the 1100 block of Rose Lane on May 31. Later that day, a green kayak, make or model unknown, was reported stolen from the same rack.

The creepy hand
The 26-year-old was in the powder room in her Silver Lane apartment at 3 a.m. June 2 with the light off, when she heard a noise in the living room. She went to investigate, turned on the light, and saw a hand coming through the window. The hand appeared to be black or dark colored, but she wasn’t able to tell if the hand was gloved. She called 911 and officers found the window screen on the ground and the window frame snapped off.

Daylight burglary
Residents in the 700 block of First Avenue N.W. arriving home from work May 28 were greeted by a splintered jam and an open front door. The home had been rummaged through and items gone missing included an Apple Macbook Pro and the female resident’s wedding ring. The total loss was estimated to be at least $3,500.

Only in 2015
Using information from a City of Minneapolis robbery victim’s smart phone GPS application, Minneapolis Police tracked a stolen cell phone, which had been taken in an armed robbery just minutes earlier, to a residence in New Brighton. At first it was suspected that an armed intruder was inside the New Brighton house, but ultimately it was determined that an appliance repair technician had found the cell phone abandoned in Minneapolis and merely brought it along to his next scheduled service call, which happened to be in New Brighton. The cell phone was reunited with its owner by authorities.

St. Anthony

Getting ready for school
A boy arrived for classes at SAVHS on Monday, May 18 with a .046 blood-alcohol content. The 16-year-old was cited by the resource officer for underage consumption of alcohol and released to school officials. Parents were informed.

A handgun and $1,000 in cash went missing May 18 from a trailer owned by a 57-year-old man in the 2500 block of Lowry Avenue. Felony charges against a 22-year-old male suspect are pending action by the county attorney.

Hitting the bricks
When police approached a trio in a Silver Lake Court driveway in the wee hours of May 23, the three males took off on the dead run. The suspects were quickly collared: a 20-year-old was booked on two Dakota County warrants for his arrest; another 20-year-old was booked at the jail for motor vehicle theft and fleeing police; and a 17-year-old boy was charged with curfew and several traffic violations and released to Mom.

An officer observed a drunk stumbling down Stinson Boulevard May 24. The 24-year-old man blew a BAC of .25 percent and was quickly on his way to Ramsey County Detox.

Bad habit
Here’s another way smoking will cause problems: a thief jumped over the service counter May 23 at a grocery store in the 3900 block of Silver Lake Road, grabbed an armload of cigarette packs, and fled the scene. A witness provided a description of a suspect vehicle and an investigation continues.

Burglarus interruptus
The alarm sounded May 14, police arrived and property was found abandoned outside a video production company in the 3600 block of 29th Avenue N.E. A K-9 partner verified that the suspects were gone and a business owner estimated the loss of the rain-damaged cameras and digital equipment at more than $36,000. The Hennepin County Crime Lab was called to process the scene.†


Those lucky ducks
A sharp-eyed resident saw a row of 14 baby ducklings following one another, as ducklings are wont to do, right into an Owasso Street storm drain. He called 911 and together with deputies, employees from Shoreview Pubic Works and a smattering of fellow residents, took the storm drain apart, reached in and rescued the little ducklings. One duckling didn’t make it but the other 13 quickly found mom and went about their business.

Vadnais Heights

A vigilant manager of a plumbing firm spotted a couple of suspicious-looking characters uncomfortably close to her van May 25 in the 1000 block of County Road E. The next time she looked, $10,000 worth of plumbing tools were gone. The suspects "a 36-year-old man out of St. Paul and a 51-year-old from Daytona Beach, Florida with a 99-page criminal history" were collared. The stolen tools are suspected to be inside a nearby public storage facility but for now, the two suspects have been charged with felony possession of burglary tools.

Driving while texting
A man engrossed in a text message plowed into a parked car on Meadowood Lane May 16. The 37-year-old local was tagged for careless driving. Neither vehicle was drivable following the crash, according to deputies.


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