Reimbursements available for Lake Elmo residents with library cards

A process for reimbursement for Washington County library cards issued to Lake Elmo residents was approved by the county board at its meeting April 14.

The Lake Elmo Library is a separate entity from the Washington County Library, and Lake Elmo residents do not pay property taxes into the county’s library fund. Lake Elmo residents who wish to use Washington County Library branches must purchase a library card. Lake Elmo Public Library will reimburse the Washington County Library for one Washington County Library card per Lake Elmo household. Information regarding the library card reimbursement process will be provided to Lake Elmo residents who inquire about or receive Washington County Library cards.

Lake Elmo residents will no longer have to make the initial purchase of Washington County Library cards. To ensure residents have access to Washington County libraries, the Lake Elmo Public Library will pay the $60 fee for one Washington County library card per Lake Elmo household, billed directly to the Lake Elmo Public Library.

Library cards issued to Lake Elmo residents are good for 12 months at all Washington County libraries, as well as associate libraries in Bayport and Stillwater, but will not be honored outside the Washington County Library system.

The cards issued to Lake Elmo residents are for physical materials only, such as books, DVDs, and magazines, but not ebooks and other electronic resources.

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