Met Council reduces Lake Elmo’s 2040 Forecast

The Metropolitan Council has reduced its draft local population forecast for Lake Elmo for 2040 from 20,500 to 18,200 in preparation for the release of Official System Statements to be released this fall. The forecast also reduces the number of households from 8,000 to 7,100.

Earlier this year, Lake Elmo staff met with the Met Council to express concerns over the 20,500 figure based on available buildable space, ability to provide sewer services, and the estimated number of residents per household.

The city of Lake Elmo suggested a more reasonable number based on the city’s spatial analysis was more in the range of 18,000.

The forecast reduction to 18,200 represents a drop in expected population of 5800 from the 2030 forecast detailed in Memorandum of Understanding and adds 10 more years of time.

The city has until May 8, 2015 to comment on the forecast. The city is expected to confirm forecast to be achievable and will continue to adjust their comprehensive planning, including housing density, to the new forecast.

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