Just one kiss in Vadnais Heights

Bulletin Area police reports week of Feb. 18, 2015, for Arden Hills, Mounds View, New Brighton, North Oaks, St. Anthony, Shoreview and Vadnais Heights

Mounds View

The more he thought about the supposed IRS phone call about back taxes and the $1,500 he sent, the more the 57-year-old local man felt he'd been scammed. He called the IRS and they verified it. Again folks, the IRS does not initially contact people by phone. If they want to talk to you, they'll mail you a letter.

Strong-arm robbery
A local 20-year-old female walking in the 2100 block of Buckingham Lane just after 11 p.m. Feb. 1 had her backpack ripped off her shoulders. The spoils included two Toshiba laptop computers and a Samsung phone. The estimated loss was $1,150.

Prowlers cut the padlock to a construction trailer between Jan. 22 and the 27th in the 2300 block of County Hwy. 10, making off with electronics and several variable air volume dampers. The value of the stolen material was estimated at $2,000.

New Brighton

Car troubles
A driver lost control of her vehicle during an argument with her passenger Feb. 7. The 57-year-old woman from Columbia Heights, heading southbound on Old Hwy. 8 went over a curb and into the trees and shrubbery. Neither she nor her passenger, a 57-year-old man, were injured.

A man found sitting in the driver's seat of a vehicle Feb. 7 with the engine running while parked at 14th Street N.W. and 21st Avenue N.W. was arrested for second-degree BAC test refusal. When asked why he refused the test, the 38-year-old from Minneapolis said, "Because I wasn't driving." The man, who was wanted on a Dakota County warrant for gross-misdemeanor domestic assault, had a DWI conviction in 2014. The vehicle was impounded for forfeiture and the man was booked at the Hennepin County Jail on the warrant.

A girl heading southbound in heavy snow on slippery Long Lake Road Feb. 10 lost control of her car near I-694, left the roadway and went down a steep grade, leaving a debris field from blown-out windows and all- around damage. The 17-year-old from Stillwater was not injured.

St. Anthony

A woman was pulled over at Silver Lake Road and 37th Avenue N.E. for an "unsafe U-turn." The 28-year-old was also cited for no valid license, no insurance, and instructional permit and equipment violations.

A 35-year-old woman reported that she was physically assaulted by her boyfriend, now her ex-boyfriend. When police contacted the suspect by phone, he refused to speak to officers. Police are looking for the 34-year-old suspect.

Be prepared
If you're going to do a little shoplifting, don't do it with meth in your pocket; possession of that fifth-degree controlled substance is a felony. In addition to the shoplifting and possession charges following her Feb. 1 arrest at a grocery store in the 3900 block of Silver Lake Road, the 38-year-old woman was jailed on an Anoka County felony warrant for her arrest for additional theft and possession charges, as well.

Illegal geezer driving
Following a Jan. 31 crash at Silver Lake Road and County Road E, a buzzed, 75-year-old man was booked at the Hennepin County Jail on charges of DWI, gross-misdemeanor BAC test refusal and gross-misdemeanor driving after license cancellation.

Headin' west
A man was arrested Jan. 28 at 37th Avenue N.E. and Harding Street and charged with a whole lot of offenses: misdemeanors, included no proof of insurance, possession of hypodermic syringes and a Ramsey County warrant for contempt of court, gross-misdemeanors included driving after license cancellation and false information to police, felonies that include several Anoka County warrants for possession of narcotics and a full extradition warrant for fraud out of Edwards, Colorado.

Ladies' night
When the jeweler went into the back room at the store in the 2900 block of Pentagon Drive Jan. 27, one of two female shoppers opened a display case and pocketed two watches worth a total of $7,000. Pawnshops are on alert.


Family squabble
A man stopped by Mom's place Jan. 29 to pick up some of his items, but Mom refused to let him in. "He has chemical and mental issues," Mom said, The 32-year-old tried to break down the front door while Mom was calling 911, but was unsuccessful. A criminal damage to property charge is pending action by the city attorney.

Log me in
The ability to remote into someone’s computer — let's say Mom is having difficulties — can be helpful, but also dangerous. A woman called the FBI Feb. 4 about her ex-husband "remoting" into her PC and deleting photos, credit card receipts and income tax information. She was advised to contact the sheriff's office and an investigation continues.

The nanny scam
If someone wants to send you a big wad of cash for nothing, what harm could it do? The answer: a lot.
A 26-year-old Shoreview woman applied for a nanny job Feb. 6 online and soon received a check for $2,980 as an "advance payment." The accompanying e-mail instructed the nanny to keep $500 and to send the remaining $2,480 to an out-of-the-country address via Western Union. Instead, the savvy sitter called the Sheriff's office. If she had cashed the $2,980 check, it would have eventually bounced and she would have been out the funds she forwarded. Remember, legitimate businesses do not pay in advance for work not done.

Vadnais Heights

Teach your children well
A pair of "argumentative" ladies, one age 33 from St. Paul and one age 26 from Red Wing, and with innocent preschoolers in tow, were stopped outside the big box store Feb. 6 with bags of stolen children's clothing and merchandise amounting to nearly $400. The two light-fingered ladies were cited for theft.

Just one kiss?
After the maintenance man fixed the heater, the shivering 37-year-old tenant in the County Road D apartment was ebullient in her expressions of gratitude. He misunderstood her gracious remarks, grabbed, and tried to kiss her. She stuck her thumb in his Adam’s apple. After his amorous advances were reported, a charge of misdemeanor assault against the 52-year-old man is pending approval of the city attorney.

When his stolen credit card was used to purchase a $330 item from an online clothing retailer in October, the victim dealt with the credit card folks and got the charge reversed. He didn’t bother reporting it to law enforcement because for the next few months there were few charges on the stolen card — less than family members had been spending.

Around the region

Animal encounters
Recent activity keeping animal control officers on their toes included a three-legged coyote hanging around in a Wynridge Drive backyard in Arden Hills; a yellow Lab-golden retriever mix with the eyebrow-raising name of "Dr. Doom" entering a Woodridge Drive home in Vadnais Heights and aggressively growling at the folks who live there — he was later impounded; a swan, or possibly a goose, walking westbound between Hodgson Road and Lexington Avenue while blocking traffic in Shoreview; and a muskrat hiding in the wheel well of a vehicle in Greenhaven Park in Vadnais Heights, frightening a pair of toddlers.


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