“Wild-eyed” tenant charged in attack on MV landlady Bulletin Area Police Reports - 2-4-15

Bulletin Area police reports week of Feb. 4, 2015, for Arden Hills, Mounds View, New Brighton, North Oaks, St. Anthony, Shoreview and Vadnais Heights

Arden Hills

A 49-year-old St. Paul man managed to get away with $542 worth of groceries Jan. 16 from a store in the 3700 block of Lexington Avenue. The thief, described as a "frequent shoplifter" by store management, took shrimp, crab legs, bacon, cosmetics and other high-end items and was last seen driving away in a 1999 Chrysler 300. A pending charge of gross misdemeanor theft against the man, who has an extensive criminal history, is pending approval of the Arden Hills City Attorney.

Mounds View

A man got out of a cab without paying the $38 fare Dec. 30, gave the cabbie his cell phone saying he would be right back, and ran into his house in the 2600 block of County Hwy. 10. The man refused to come out, the cabbie called police and the cell phone was used to verify the suspect's identity. The officer left the 20-year-old a citation for misdemeanor theft.

A driver was pulled over Jan. 18 for weaving over the centerline, the fog line, the centerline, and so on at County Hwy. 10 and Pleasant View Drive and arrested for DWI, BAC test refusal, pot possession, no proof of insurance and the lane violation. The 32-year-old local man's 2002 GMC Denali was impounded for forfeiture.

Landlady shoots "wild-eyed" tenant
A gun-toting landlady shot a "wild-eyed" tenant at close range Jan. 18 after the 45-year-old man attacked her for evicting him from the home and threatened to kill her. Although shot in the chest, the attacker continued to strike the 29-year-old woman, ripping the gun from her hand, according to the criminal complaint. Next, the ex-tenant went to the refrigerator and calmly took out a beer before following the 29-year-old landlady out of the house and collapsing in her driveway. Arriving police found the suspect, the gun and a half-can of beer outside the home. An arrest warrant was issued charging the suspect with felony terroristic threats and domestic assault before he was taken for medical treatment.

New Brighton

A 15-year-old boy was clipped by a vehicle while crossing Long Lake Road just after 7 a.m. Jan. 16 on his way to Irondale High School. The lad was one of three students in the marked crosswalk when the 26-year-old local female hit him. The youth was not seriously injured and was checked out at the high school health office. The driver was cited for "failure to drive with due care."

When employees at a bar and grill on Palmer Drive saw a driver come in Jan. 25 who had obviously been drinking, they not only refused to serve her more alcohol, they called police with her license number. Officers found the woman, who had arrived home a short distance away, and who admitted to driving to the bar. The 50-year-old blew a .22 percent BAC on the Data Master and was jailed on a gross-misdemeanor third-degree DWI charge.

North Oaks

A 13-year-old Shoreview boy under investigation Jan. 22 for allegedly taking snacks from a teacher's room at Chippewa Middle School was found in possession of a pair of BB guns in his jacket pockets. He was suspended from school and a charge of "possession of a dangerous weapon on school grounds" is "under consideration" by the county attorney’s office.

St. Anthony

Drinking problems
After knocking back a number of adult beverages at an assisted living facility, a 53-year-old man with a large BAC asked to be transported to a detox facility. All detox facilities were full the night of Jan. 18, so the man was given a ride to a lucky relative's house.

Police responded to a complaint of an intoxicated 29-year-old man harassing a customer Jan. 18 at a grocery store in the 3900 block of Silver Lake Road. The inebriate was given a ride home and released to the custody of a responsible adult.

Disorderly conduct
It was all in a night's work for folks who may not be on the fast track. They decorated a tree with TP Jan. 16 in the 3900 block of Fordham Drive, then lit the TP on fire. The blaze was extinguished without damage to the property.

A prowler broke a window of a vehicle parked in the 2500 block of Silver Lane Jan. 6, got inside, helped himself to the GPS unit, then opened the hood and stole the battery. The loss was valued at $550 and pawnshops were notified.

Felony theft
It was a fool's errand, but he was the man for the job. A man approached another Jan. 12 in the parking lot of an apartment building in the 2500 block of Silver Lane, demanding his car keys and indicating he had a weapon. He drove off in the man's late model Dodge valued at $20,000. The unoccupied vehicle was recovered a short time later in Blaine. A 37-year-old man, being held on suspicion of burglary by Anoka County deputies, admitted stealing the Dodge. He was charged with felony motor vehicle theft.


Fighting in church
A 33-year-old New Brighton woman called 911 in fear for her safety Jan. 19, a day after a woman and her two daughters confronted her about a rumor during a church service in the 3400 block of Victoria Street. One member of the trio told the New Brighton woman, "don't mess with my husband." Pushing, shoving and hair-pulling ensued as the combatants attempted to knock the victim down. The result of the investigation to date credits the victim's ex-boyfriend for spreading the rumor. No charges have been filed and the investigation continues.

A 91-year-old man hired a personal care attendant to care for his wife last fall and since then, has experienced unrecognizable credit card and checking account amounts totaling in excess of $10,000. The situation came to light when the bank returned an overdraft check for $4,500. An investigation continues.

A pair of burglaries occurred the afternoon of Jan. 14 in the 100 block of Dennison Avenue. In both instances, the burglar gained entry through the garage service door. In one case, the prowler ignored electronics and headed right for an office, taking jewelry, a pair of pricey headphones and $1,500 in cash. Down the street, a woman returned home to find a 46-inch TV and a wedding ring valued at $1,700, missing.

Vadnais Heights

Teachers will take student phones away if they're brought to class at the Academy of Sciences and Agriculture in Vadnais Heights. That didn't sit well with a 16-year-old Fridley youth on Jan. 13 who wanted his phone back, now. He grabbed it, 911 was called and a 28-year-old female staffer was found icing her hand. A gross misdemeanor assault charge is pending against the youth.

Lock your car
Lock it even though you're standing right next to it. A woman removed her credit card from her wallet on Christmas Eve to fill her tank and pay at the pump. While she was pumping, a prowler opened the passenger door and took $158 out of the wallet. The money was later recovered when the owner of the wallet recognized the large prowler at a nearby restaurant who was asking patrons for a bite to eat. She demanded the return of the cash and the six foot-three inch, 275-pound man reluctantly complied.

The grandparent scam
When Granddad got a call purportedly from his grandson, Granddad said, "you sound different." "I’ve got a cold," the caller replied, and went on to say he needed money for bail and legal fees to get him out of a Mexican jail. At that point a man, supposedly from the U.S. Consulate, came on the line and warned Granddad not to contact anyone or it would "jeopardize the bail agreement." The money needs to be sent, not to Mexico, the man said, but to Port-au-Prince, Haiti, in the form of a Moneygram. By the way, Moneygram translates into "You'll never see it again." When Granddad reported the scam, he told the authorities he thought the personal information the caller had came from Facebook. The loss was $3,568.


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