Vadnais Heights: the right place at the right time

Bulletin Area police reports week of Jan. 21, 2015, for Arden Hills, Mounds View, New Brighton, North Oaks, St. Anthony, Shoreview and Vadnais Heights

Mounds View

Assaults often involve money or alcohol — but not always. A 37-year-old Minneapolis man was cited for assaulting a 51-year-old local man regarding domestic difficulties just four days before Christmas.

The pat down missed the meth, but a more thorough search of the female at the jail, found it. The 35-year-old St. Paul woman, arrested on Christmas Eve in a Program Avenue apartment, was charged with "introducing a controlled substance into a locked facility" and possession of methamphetamine. She was also wanted on a misdemeanor warrant for her arrest for contempt of court.

Road rage
A near miss on the County Road I ramp to I-35W led to road rage when one vehicle got ahead of the other then braked, and the second vehicle banged into the first. The two drivers, a 49-year-old Shoreview man and an 18-year-old New Brighton woman, mixed it up, the woman's brother joined the fray, and the three wrestled until police arrived. The man from Shoreview was cited for disorderly conduct.


New Brighton

Damaged vehicle
A driver leaving a carwash in her 2002 Toyota UXS at Silver Lake Road and Mississippi Street on Christmas Eve, accelerated, crossed two lanes of traffic, jumped a curb and hit a building. "I don't remember what happened," said the 52-year-old from Roseville.

Totaled vehicle
The bus stopped at Silver Lake Road and 17th Terrace N.W. Dec. 30 to drop off a passenger, but the car behind the bus did not. The 55-year-old female driver was taken to Unity Hospital for treatment of a broken wrist and a blood test. No one on the bus was injured. The local woman's preliminary breath test indicated a BAC of .15 percent. A drunken driving charge is pending the result of the blood test. Her brand new 2015 Honda Fit, towed from the scene, was considered a total loss.

Vehicle held for forfeiture
A 74-year-old Columbia Heights woman, stopped at 11 p.m. Jan. 2 for driving with no headlights at Leona Drive and Mississippi Street, was arrested on a DWI charge after blowing a .12 percent BAC on the Data Master. The 74-year-old told an officer "I'm not able to walk a straight line because of my age." That didn't work and her 1998 Saturn was impounded for forfeiture based on the senior's four previous DWI convictions.

North Oaks

A generator, air and power tools valued at a total of $4,500 did not survive Christmas night in the first block of Rapp Farm Boulevard. The construction materials were left at the site of new home building activity in a pod, or temporary enclosure. No forced entry to the pod was found.

St. Anthony

Felony robbery
Auto thieves entered an electronic games store Dec. 9 in the 2700 block of 39th Avenue N.E. pulled a gun, took an employee into a back office, tied him up, took his keys and drove off in his car. No suspects.

Road rage
A woman reported that she was the victim of road rage Dec. 13 at 33rd Avenue N.E. and Silver Lake Road. The 28-year-old victim said a man, later identified as a 40-year-old, smashed the side window in her vehicle and assaulted her. She then told officers she didn't want to pursue the matter. No charges.

A "quick-change artist" asked a teller at a bank in the 3800 block of Silver Lake Road to break $300 in large bills Dec. 10 and, in the confusion, pulled a fast one, leaving the bank with $600.

A report in last week's Police column reported the tale of a two-bit thief hauling away a bag of quarters from the parking lot of an apartment complex in the 3200 block of Townview Avenue. An alert reader pointed out that there is no apartment complex in the 3200 block of Townview Avenue. The Bulletin regrets the error.

Two guitars, a Fender Stratocaster valued at $1,600 and a Fender bass precision, worth between $600 and $1,200 according to the victim, were reported stolen the night of Dec. 15. The instruments have been located at two area pawnshops but not yet recovered. Deputies would like to speak to the victim's 22-year-old son who has drug issues and a minor criminal record, according to a police report.

The pickle jar
Following a discussion over "family issues" the evening of Dec. 30, the "intoxicated" boyfriend, 34, threw the Christmas tree, and then went for the heavier artillery, throwing a jar of pickles. The jar stayed intact, but did put a hole in the living room wall. The concerned girlfriend, 31, called 911 and the boyfriend was off to jail on charges of domestic assault, fifth-degree assault and disorderly conduct for instilling fear in the victim.

Vadnais Heights

Child abuse
A 37-year-old man was arrested on Christmas Day for hitting his four-year-son with a belt after the boy "went outside without permission." Mom called 911 and EMTs checked the youth out, finding bruises and welts. Dad was booked at the jail on a gross-misdemeanor charge of “malicious punishment of a child.”

Right place at the right time
A deputy wheeled into the lot of a convenience store just after midnight on New Yearís Eve for coffee and was greeted by the sight of a man coming out the door with a sweatshirt over his head. The deputy, who found that suspicious, activated his emergency lights and stopped the man at gunpoint. The would-be robber also had a weapon in his waistband, which turned out to be a replica BB gun. The 20-year-old Maplewood man was jailed on an aggravated felony robbery charge.  The 20-year-old female driver of the car the suspect arrived in was not charged. "I thought he was just going in for cigarettes," she said.


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