Elderly driver yells at cop doing traffic stop, succeeds in getting attention

South-West Review police reports published Jan. 18, 2015 for Inver Grove Heights, and West St. Paul

Inver Grove Heights

Fire — Here’s hoping they flew the coop. A chicken coop along the 9100 block of Courthouse Boulevard Court burned to the ground Dec. 28. A 26-year-old Inver Grove Heights man who reported the fire said sometime in the early morning hours the small shed burned down. It had a metal roof and some wood vertical supports with mostly wrapped plastic sheets as walls. He said he believed there were heat lamps in the coop, along with approximately 20 chickens. Only one surviving chicken was found. There were no signs or evidence of foul play. The chicken coop was about 200 feet behind the residence. The Inver Grove Heights Fire Department extinguished the remaining “hot spots.”

Arrest — Even a pine-tree air freshener can get you busted. A 32-year-old South St. Paul man was arrested after being pulled over for having an air freshener hanging on his rearview mirror — potentially obstructing his view of the road — the afternoon of Dec. 28.  Even worse, his license was suspended and he had a Washington County arrest warrant. The charge apparently was a misdemeanor related to prostitution, with a $2,000 bail.
— When a driver failed to flip on his turn signal as he got into a right turn lane on Hwy. 52, police pulled him over Dec. 28 around 7:30 p.m. But it was his two female passengers who ended up in cuffs. The 29-year-old Cottage Grove man, the driver, was warned for the lane violation and released. However, the 34-year-old St. Louis Park woman with him was wanted on a misdemeanor theft warrant, and the 42-year-old St. Louis Park woman had been charged with felony theft, felony possession of a controlled substance and misdemeanor assault. The women were transported to jail.

Crash — Somehow when one man hit another with his car, he only injured the gentleman’s face. A 79-year-old Inver Grove Heights man was walking to his car along the 8000 block of Barbara Avenue, and another car, driven by a 61-year-old Inver Grove Heights man, hit him Dec. 30. The victim was taken to the hospital for treatment for facial injuries. There weren’t any charges listed in the incident.
Theft — Merry Theft-mas! A 68-year-old Genoa, Wisconsin man reported Dec. 30 that he and his wife were staying in town for the holiday season along the 1800 block of 59th Court, and at some point overnight, a $100 GPS and $230 in Christmas gifts were stolen from his car’s trunk.
Obstruction of justice — An 84-year-old Inver Grove Heights man is facing a misdemeanor for allegedly obstructing the legal process Dec. 30 at 6:20 p.m. along the 5700 block of Bishop Avenue. While an officer was conducting a traffic stop at a local restaurant, the man drove past him and yelled, “Shut that [expletive] light off!” The officer replied, “What?” and the elderly man again told the officer to turn off the lights. Because the officer’s attention was taken away from the traffic stop, which could pose a threat, the officer pressed charges against the man. The officer’s squad camera documented the man’s actions, though the man reportedly denied he ever yelled.

West St. Paul

Vehicle  pursuit — Near the 1500 block of Humboldt Avenue, an officer had to choose between pursuing a rolling car or a potential suspect. On Jan. 9 at 9 p.m., an officer chased down a driver suspected of holding the occupants of another vehicle at gunpoint. The male suspect “bailed,” and left the car in gear; it crashed. The officer pursued the vehicle, which was filled with property police suspect was stolen, and the driver fled on foot. Investigators are still working to identify the driver.
Burglary — A resident reported early Jan. 12 someone broke in the door of a house along the 800 block of Ohio Street. It was unclear if someone had entered the house; nothing appeared to be missing.
Damage — Your physics problem for today: if you drive over a big chunk of ice, what are the chances it’ll fly up and smash your vehicle’s wing mirror? We’re not sure, but it does appear the best time to ask police if you hit anything else with the ice chunk is not the morning after it happens. On Jan. 12 around 10 a.m., a man went to the police station to report his car was hit by a big chunk of ice he drove over the night before on Delaware Avenue near Wentworth. He said it smashed the car’s mirror and he wanted to make sure he didn’t hit anything else.
— A resident in the 1600 block of Livingston Avenue reported all four tires were slashed on a car Jan. 13 around 6 a.m. The victim said it has happened once before.
Theft — A caller reported a vehicle was broken into Jan. 12 along the 1600 block of Robert Street South, and a drill and backpack were missing from the car.


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