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South-West Review police reports published Jan. 11, 2015 for Inver Grove Heights, and West St. Paul

Inver Grove Heights

— Executing an arrest warrant Dec. 19, police arrested a 29-year-old Inver Grove Heights woman at her home. She had been charged with fifth-degree controlled substance, and wasn’t able to pay the $3,000 bail, so she was handcuffed and brought to jail.

— A 33-year-old Inver Grove Heights man reportedly was beaten up Dec. 20 by a group of men. Police were summoned to the 1400 block of Upper 55th Street around 2 a.m. Police found two men out of breath, who claimed they saw a man “get jumped,” and then tried to break up the fight. The victim was located in a parking lot nearby, and his head and face were bleeding. He told police a “beef” started between him and a few guys at a West St. Paul bar, and it spilled over after bar close. Though he knew who the “guys” were, he would not disclose any other information, bringing the case to a halt. The man was transported to the hospital.

— A 46-year-old Inver Grove Heights woman Dec. 21 reported that two gift cards were stolen from her mailbox along the 10000 block of Rich Valley Boulevard. The woman said her elderly neighbor had put a gift in her mailbox, but it was gone by the time she checked the mail that morning.
—Between Dec. 20 and Dec. 22, someone reportedly used bolt cutters to break into the cage where the propane tanks are stored at a gas station along the 6400 block of Cahill Avenue, and stole four of them, a total loss of $200. The lock hadn’t failed; instead the suspects cut the eyebolt that held the lock and cage closed. There was no surveillance video.
—On Dec. 22, a 61-year-old Inver Grove Heights woman reported mail was stolen from her mailbox along the 2700 block of 105th Street East. Unfortunately, they weren’t just letters to Santa — they contained four filled-out checks .
—A 69-year-old Inver Grove Heights man reported Dec. 23 a chain saw had been stolen out of his shed along the 9000 block of Alverno Avenue. It was worth $213.18. He told police several items have been stolen out of his pole shed over the past few months, and he has seen “human tracks” around the shed.

South St. Paul

— A 43-year-old woman with no known address was pulled over by an officer near the intersection of Camber Avenue and Concord Exchange because she had several listed warrants for her arrest Jan. 6. She ended up facing a misdemeanor for driving after the suspension of her license, too, because her license, under another last name, was revoked. She also had more than 18 failures to appear in court, fines and suspension actions against her in the past two years. She was arrested.

— On Dec. 25, a family wanted to report the theft of an insurance policy. The family members were of Asian decent, and there was a language barrier, police said, but they were able to make out the basics of the unusual case: 
When a family member went to make a payment on the patriarch’s life insurance policy, she found out that she no longer was the policyholder. Apparently the policy had been signed over to someone else in April of 2014.  
The family suspected it started when the elderly matriarch was watching her grandchildren, and two people forced their way inside the house. The mother, who did not speak English, said a male and a female went to several bedrooms in the houses looking through things. They left after they found a packet of paperwork. The family said it wasn’t reported because it isn’t part of their culture to report crimes of this matter.  
Two males later forced one of the women in the family, someone who reportedly “does not read or write English,” to sign a document. The family now believes that was a transfer of ownership of the life insurance policy.
Police said the situation would likely be a civil matter that they would have to deal with on their own with the insurance company.
—Keys in the ignition, it’s all warmed up, and it’s a 1997 Honda Accord? Yeah, you know what comes next. That combination is what led a 35-year-old New Hope woman’s car to be stolen along the 200 block of Ash Street on Jan. 4.
— A 23-year-old South St. Paul man reportedly assaulted his boyfriend with a knife, and then fled in late December. The charges against the man will likely be second-degree assault with a dangerous weapon, a felony, and three misdemeanors related to domestic assault and disorderly conduct. Police were summoned at about 10 p.m. to a residence on the report of a fight. The victim reportedly was bleeding from his neck and head.  The two men apparently got into an argument, and then the 23-year-old reportedly hit his boyfriend with the handle end of his knife, and then slashed him on the back of the head and neck. The victim went to lie down, and then the man threw another knife at him and left the apartment. Two weeks prior, the alleged assailant apparently had already slashed the boyfriend with a knife on his back. Apparently the abuse was routine.

West St. Paul

— A pair of Hunter boots, a GPS and miscellaneous change were stolen from two vehicles that were left unlocked Jan. 5 along the 400 block of Preserve Path. The items were valued at about $310.
—A vehicle reportedly was rummaged through Jan. 2 along the 1300 block of Allen Avenue, though nothing was missing.
—A theft from a vehicle was reported at 8 a.m. Jan. 2 along the 1300 block of Galvin Avenue.
—When a man ran into a store along the 100 block of Signal Hills Drive, he left the keys in his car. When he came out, his 2000 Chevy Astro was gone.
—A resident reported the theft of a figurine of the baby Jesus out of the nativity scene in the yard Jan. 4 along the 900 block of Oakdale Avenue. The suspect also left a note on the resident’s car, though what was written wasn’t detailed.
—A theft from a motor vehicle was reported Jan. 5 near 6 p.m. along the 1300 block of Ohio Street. Change and miscellaneous items were taken.
Animal control
— A woman called police the afternoon of Jan. 2, because there was a sick squirrel in her back yard on Logan Avenue West. The responding officer explained to the caller the squirrel looked more intoxicated than rabid; it was eating random items in the yard.
Public assist
— When an officer saw a male on a skateboard — not dressed for the weather — on a very, very cold day, the cop told him to go home late Jan. 3. Going a step farther, the officer actually drove the kid to his house.
Mendota Heights
Suspicious person – You’ve heard of tree huggers, but what about statue huggers? Mendota Heights police encountered one Dec. 23.  A man, reportedly hugging statues, was walking around without shoes, and offered someone a pizza, cake and some donuts. He told police he was in the area to tell people about Jesus. He was transported to a hospital.
— A resident Dec. 24 reportedly was receiving e-mails from someone falsely claiming to be a police officer.
Found property
— A resident found four pieces of mail with Shakopee addresses Dec. 24. The mail was returned to the intended recipients. Police thought it was an attempt to find gift cards, checks and other items of value.
— Dec. 30 at about 3 p.m., an officer spotted a vehicle registered to someone with a felony arrest warrant. The driver was the owner, and was taken into custody.
— A resident reported her mail was stolen early Christmas morning along the 700 block of Keokuk Lane. A neighbor found it in a city park nearby. The officer offered tips on how to prevent it from happening again.
—Four thefts from motor vehicles were reported Jan. 2-4 along the 600 block of Wesley Lane, on Mears Avenue, along the 600 block of Maple Park Drive and along the 1800 block of Eagle Ridge Place.

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