Letter: Please vote yes

To the editor:

School district 197 has a three-issue referendum vote on Nov. 4, and one is security at its nine sites.

On its website are the details:  http://www.isd197.org/about/levy_and_bond_referendum/security_upgrades/

This includes:  Expand the use of lock down buttons to the middle schools; add Sibley’s music wing to the school’s current lock down capability; increase the number of security cameras at every school (currently the district has 153 cameras at nine sites.)

Proposed improvements would add five cameras per elementary school, 15 cameras per middle school, 25 cameras at the high school, and an upgrade to door locks in all elementary classrooms that allow staff to lock the door from inside the classroom.

Vote yes, please.

Naomi Lifejoy
Mendota Heights


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