What does the fox say? West St. Paul officer still can’t tell you

Also: Lots of stolen bikes and a robbery at gunpoint

South-West Review police reports published July 6, 2014 for Inver Grove Heights, South St. Paul and West St. Paul

West St. Paul

Animal call

— Referencing a song and video that reached online and real-life popularity of epic proportions, a local officer recently missed the opportunity to find out “What does the fox say?” A woman called the police June 30 because there were three foxes in her front yard, and she wanted an officer to drive by and shoo them away. The officer responded, but the fox was gone on arrival. According to the police report: “Once again, I will not be able to know, what did the fox say.” Confused? Look up the catchy (and annoying) track “The Fox” by Ylvis on Youtube.com.


— A man reported that someone had been robbed at gunpoint at the 100 block of Logan Avenue East at an apartment complex. The victim said he didn’t want police there; he was afraid of getting shot. Putting a gun to the
victim’s head, multiple men took his wallet and keys; they left on foot. Police searched the area, but didn’t find anyone matching the given descriptions.

Property damage

— “We loved these woods” was not the intendend message a development sign meant to spread. On June 15, a development sign was vandalized with spray paint overnight. The owner of the development says he anticipated backlash from people, because the trees on the site were cleared. The owner planned to put up a new sign in the next couple of days.
— A woman reported her car was keyed while she was inside a gas station store. The letters “F U” were scraped into the front passenger door. Police are reviewing surveillance video for any persons of interest.

Utility call

— West St. Paul’s own version of Old Not-So-Faithful erupted June 28 at about 5:40 p.m. at 366 Ruby Drive. Water was blowing out of a manhole about 10 feet high. Luckily, the sewer department staff was right around the corner and took care of it.


— A caller reported stolen $4,500 cash from her purse. The victim thought she had suspect information, but what really (probably) left police scratching their heads (figuratively) was why she was carrying $4,500 in cash in her purse.

—Dunking someone’s cell phone in water and stealing his belongings is not an appropriate way to say “thank you.” A caller reported a woman staying with him, who was homeless, took $2,380 and his car, and then put his phone in water so he couldn’t call 911. With not much else to give, he gave police her full name and information.

Suspicious person

— A male reportedly was masterbating in front of the TVs at a large store. He was doing the same thing yesterday. The caller gave police a description of the man, who had been very obviously doing what he was doing for 30 minutes. Police responded.

South St. Paul


— Here’s the beginning of many bike thefts. A bike was taken June 30 while a man was at Central Square. It was leaning against a tree and unlocked the day before.

—Two bikes were taken June 25 around 8 p.m. from the caller’s yard on the 400 block of 11th Avenue South. They were valued at about $120 and $90.

—One young man recently learned just how small the world is. A bike was stolen June 18, but then the father of the girl who owned it saw a young man riding it four days later. The man asked for the bike back. There was minor damage to the bike. The man didn’t want to file any charges against the young man, but wanted him to get a stern talking to. The young man seems to have escaped a scolding, because the officers were unable to find him.

—Another theft of a bicycle was reported the afternoon of June 28. It was worth less than $90.

—Now for something a little different: a stolen motorbike. The motorcycle was stolen from an apartment parking lot June 29 just after 7 p.m.


— A 24-year-old West St. Paul man with a lengthy history of failures to appear in court was also charged for marijuana possession in a vehicle and driving a vehicle with no insurance on June 24. You know the drill: during a routine patrol, the office ran the man’s license plate, and saw his license had been revoked and he had a lot of fines for not showing up in court. He’s been ticketed for driving with a revoked license several times. The man was pulled over; arrested; the officer found the pot.

—A 34-year-old Cottage Grove man was arrested for — you guessed it — failures to appear and revoked license. This situation was almost exactly like the first arrest in this list, so we’ll spare you the details.

Property damage

— Along with rampant bike thieves, there seems to be rampant window-smashers on the north end of town. A woman reported the back window of her Chevrolet Trailblazer had been busted out June 26. The car was parked along the 1900 block of Butler Avenue. Another smashed out rear windshield was reported on the same block, where a large rock was thrown through the windshield of a Jeep Liberty. The same night on the 200 block of Seventh Avenue, another rear windshield on a silver Honda CRV was broken. Another was busted overnight on the 100 block of 21st Avenue North. The victim found a baseball-sized rock lying on the back seat of the car.


— The counterfeit bill the employee accepted was so bad, it made the business owner question his recent hiring choices. A business owner reported that a new employee of his received a $5 bill June 24. According to the officer’s report: “The (owner) handed me a very poorly made counterfeit $5 bill. The (owner) stated he has been having trouble finding good employees lately.” To add insult to existential crisis, there were no surveillance cameras or suspects.

Animal call

— It was raining, and the dog looked as neglected as its owner’s lawn. A dog was barking excessively June 29 just after midnight — and for good reason. Officers found a very wet and scared brown Pomeranian-type dog tied to a post with a long rope at a residence. There was no food or water or shelter for the dog. The surrounding grass was taller than the dog itself. The officers seized the dog and bring it to the local animal hospital. 

Inver Grove Heights


— Apparently a garden hose works better than a fire extinguisher on a recycling bin fire. A resident called the police, reporting an unattended recreational fire June 15. Officers saw the resident using a fire extinguisher to put out a fire next to the driveway and garage. The fire extinguisher wasn’t putting out the fire, but someone was able to grab the hose from behind the house and spray it out. Firefighters dissected the fire to make sure it wouldn’t ignite again. The bin was melted and destroyed.


— Despite what this inebriated motorist thought, driving away from a car crash is not an effective way to notify police of anything. A woman reported a hit-and-run collision June 15, around 11 p.m. at a local nightclub. A witness put a note on her car, saying he saw the crash and put down the license plate number of the crasher. The officer took down the information and then responded to another hit-and-run. There, the officer saw a van matching the description of the van from the earlier incident driving north on Bishop Avenue. The license plate matched. The driver, a 24-year-old Bloomington man, told the officer he came back to the bar to “be a man and make things right.” He said he wanted to explain things to police, but he also said he didn’t know why he didn’t call police; he left the scene because he was scared because he doesn’t have car insurance. He said he’d been drinking alcohol “a little bit.” The man then struggled through field sobriety tests. He blew a .171 blood alcohol level. The man was arrested. The breath test at the police station showed he was at more than double the legal limit to drive. He then admitted to drinking four hard ciders before going to the bar, and hitting the car and not checking for damage. He ended up with multiple charges.


—So, stealing showers is a thing. A 45-year-old man had demanded to take a shower at a gas station recently, but the employee there told him there was a wait of about 30 minutes. The employee went to go clean a shower, and found the man already showering. She told the man he had to pay for it. He said he would only pay for half a shower because it wasn’t clean and he had to use dirty towels. The employee called the police. Officers told the man he had to pay for the shower. The man complied.

—A truck was broken into June 14. Three $800 sets of golf clubs and a $250 left-hand driver were stolen. The suspect(s) gained access to the items through the locked truck topper.


— A 50-year-old man drove into a sign, and ended up scraping up far more than his car. The man was looking at a piece of paper when his vehicle drifted, and the side mirror smashed into a road sign in the middle of the road. The mirror broke, shooting glass shards into the open driver’s side window. Glass got into the man’s eye. The eye was bleeding profusely. The man was transported to the hospital. Some good news: The road sign was left unscathed.


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