Pool supply vehicle leaks toxic chemical in St. Anthony

A driver of a pool supply vehicle called police at 9:50 a.m. Thursday, Aug. 15, when he noticed toxic pool cleaning chemicals leaking from the vehicle.

The driver spotted the chemical leak while in St. Anthony Village near 37th Avenue NE and Macalester Drive. He quickly called 911 to report the leak and parked the vehicle.

According to a police department press release, the vehicle traveled approximately six blocks while leaking the chemical before stopping at 37th Avenue and Highcrest Road in Roseville.

According to media reports, a barrel containing acid cracked, allowing the chemical to seep out and eat a hole through the floorboard of the truck.

According to the city, 37th Avenue traffic was impacted for some time while a private contractor cleaned up the spill of the pool cleaner, later found out to be hydrochloric acid.

Nearby residents were told by emergency responders to shut off their air conditioners and remain indoors while the spill was being removed.

One firefighter and one police officer were taken to the hospital for evaluation along with the driver of the pool cleaning vehicle and one other civilian. According to the St. Anthony Police Department, those individuals were released later in the day.

The Minneapolis Fire Department, New Brighton Public Safety Department, Roseville Fire and Police Departments, North Suburban HAZMAT, Columbia Heights Fire Department, Fridley Fire Department and other agencies (including the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency and Department of Transportation) were on hand to assist St. Anthony emergency crews.

--Joshua Nielsen

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