Protect yourself from blood clots

Your blood is a miracle healer. When you cut yourself, almost instantly your blood forms a clot to stop the bleeding. As part of this natural healing process, the blood clot dissolves and is reabsorbed by the body.

But when clots form within arteries and veins, they can obstruct the normal blood flow or break off and cause further damage. Strokes can be caused by blood clots in the carotid arteries in your neck traveling to your brain.

Varicose veins happen when a blood clot damages the valves within a vein. They can cause inflammation in veins known as phlebitis. Even more severe, pulmonary embolism happens when deeper clots from the leg break off and travel to the heart and lungs.

Adapt healthy habits to keep your blood flowing freely through your veins and arteries. Stop smoking, eat a healthy diet, exercise and don’t sit or lay in one position for prolonged periods of time. Talk with your doctor about your risk for developing blood clots. If you are diagnosed with blood clots, see a vascular surgeon, who is an expert in treating diseases of the veins and arteries. Visit to find a vascular surgeon to help you.

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